Light Show

Where I live, the sky is clear at dawn maybe half a dozen days a year, but if you have better odds than me, here’s a neat story…

If you wanna correlate that to what we usually talk about, “Tropical” astrologers (like me – we aren’t really in the Tropics, we just wish we were) focus on Conjunctions, which occur when two planets are on the same line of longitude.  A line of longitude runs from pole to pole.  In the ‘tube, we’re looking at the eastern horizon, so a line of longitude is horizontal.

They didn’t mention that there’s a partial Solar Eclipse on June 1, probably because it’s visible from almost everywhere on the Planet except North America.  The Eclipse is at 12 Gemini, “A black girl fights for her independence in the city.”  Interesting picture.  Mark Edmund Jones had these pictures channeled in I think the 1920s, so it was then a “Negro girl,” and a whole nother paradigm.  Maybe.  Lotsa disenfranchised folks fighting for their rights (or not – I remember a lapel pin in 2002 that said, “Oh well, I wasn’t using my civil rights anyway“) these days.

Obama urges us to remember back to 2001-02, when there was supposedly such a great sense of unity.  What I remember most about those days was Bush urging everyone to rat out their neighbors, as if there was a terrorist behind every tree, and staffing his new Homeland Security outfit with unemployed ex-KGB officers.  And nobody ever has explained what happened to the wings – or the fuel – of the plane that supposedly crashed into the Pentagon.  Obama inaugurates Night 2 with a descent into nationalism – hardly We Be All One stuff – but it is a Night, after all.


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