Eris Debriefed

Well, I think notta lotta folks were singed by Eris, since few folks logged in last weekend when she was acting up.  For me it was a different story!  I discovered that Eris is very prominent in my own chart, and the weekend was a bit hairy.  A bow of gratitude to Elizabeth for the head’s up!  Here’s what pulled me out of it Monday morning…

And thanks to Kelly Hunter for the reference to the Hathors.

Here’s a very powerful tool from Donna Eden…

which would have served well Monday as well.

But of course the biggest event of the weekend was Osama bL’s alleged dunking.  That occurred after the Eris dramas, but it also happened just as Night 2 of the Universal Underworld was beginning.  Whaddaya suppose that means?  Aren’t the Nights in the Mayan Calendar sposta show us the dark underbelly of things?  Kinda makes ya curious about what might happen next, eh?

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