WeakEnd Times

I expect – and hope – that the World will take a breather by Sunday, once we get past the Full Moon and Mars-Juno event.  Beware Google News – they sort their articles by “relevance,” which looks a lot like hype value.  You have to click on the “All 17,827,921 news articles >>” link at the bottom of each story, then on the story’s page click on “sort by date” (lower left of the topmost screen) to get the straight skinny up-to-date.  I mean, that’s one of the glories of the internet, but publishers wanna drag as many eyeballs as possible across their ad-strewn pages, so often they don’t even date the page.  You can search on Tsunami and end up reading about 1993 without realizing it.

Here are supposedly-frequently-updated scorecards on Libya (Qawdawful 8, Rebels 6 at halftime), and on radiation levels in the USofA, should it come to that.  The radiation map is sposta update automatically, but on Firefox you have to “refresh” manually.  The readings vary randomly, so ya gotta watch for trends.  Values over 100 are considered abnormal – that’s 10 CT scans, by the way, if yer a Western Medicine addict.  In the ’50s we were told to stick yer head between yer legs and kiss yer ass g’bye in the event of a nuculur attack, but fortunately it’s the ’60s that are going mainstream next year, not the ’50s.  The ’50s dramas that’re being played are just to keep us on our toes.

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