The Stones


March 4 – Ruby (Aluminum Oxide)

February 24 – Dioptase (Copper Cyclosilicate)

February 23 I Love Irony – Gold

February 23 Pizza, Delivered – Barite (Barium Sulfate)

February 23 Helpless Hopeless – Rose Quartz (Tektosilicate)

February 21 – Cuprite (Copper Oxide)

February 15 – Davidite (Lanthanum Yttrium Titanium Oxide)

February 12 – Serendibite (Calcium Magnesium Aluminum Inoborosilicate) on Phlogopite (Calcium Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate)

February 10 – Clinoclase (Copper Arsenate)

February 3 – Lepidochrosite (Iron Oxide) in Quartz (Tektosilicate)

January 30 Daniel Jacobs – Anhydrite (Calcium Sulfate)

January 30 Shoes – Sugilite (Potassium Sodium Lithium Iron Cyclosilicate)

January 24 – Morganite (Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate)

January 23 – Cerussite (Lead Carbonate) on Dioptase (Copper Cyclosilicate)

January 21 (Contracted) State of the Union – Tiger Iron (Tiger Eye (Crocidolite (Sodium Iron Inosilicate) in Quartz (Tektosilicate)) with Hematite (Iron Oxide))

January 21 The Balance – Wavellite (Aluminum Phosphate)

January 16 Who Are We – Cacoxinated Amethyst (Cacoxinite (Iron Oxide) in Quartz (Tektosilicate)) with Hematite (Iron Oxide)

January 16 Ophiuchus in Uranus – Sapphire (Aluminum Oxide)

January 11 – Lunar Eclipse

January 10 – Kamacite (Iron-Nickel Meteorite)

January 6 Monday – Herkimer Diamond (Quartz (Tektosilicate))

January 6 Friday – Uranocircite (Barium Uranyl Phosphate)

January 2 Partial Solar Eclipse – The Sun

January 2 The Miracles Are Waiting for You – Platinum Crystals



December 30 – Emerald (Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate)

December 21 – Petrified Oak

December 19 – Manganovesuvianite (Calcium Manganese Aluminum Sorosilicate)

December 17 Corner #3 – Rose Quartz (Tektosilicate)

December 17 Opportunity – Wavellite (Aluminum Phosphate)

December 11 – Adamite (Zinc Arsenate)

December 7 – Phlogopite (Potassium Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate) and Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl (Chromium Beryllium Aluminum Oxide))

November 14 – Chalcopyrite (Copper Iron Sulfate) on Quartz (Tektosilicate) on Rhodochrosite (Manganese Carbonate)

November 3 iVirus – Gold

November 3 Rebirth – Sapphire (Aluminum Oxide)

October 23 – Chrysoprase (Nickel Oxide-Rich Chalcedony (Microcrystalline Quartz))

October 7 – Dravite (Tourmaline (Sodium Magnesium Aluminum Cycloborosilicate)

September 21 – Calcite (Calcium Carbonate) on Adamite (Zinc Arsenate)

August 29 – Platinum Crystals

August 22 – Manganotantalite (Manganese Tantalate)

August 16 – Phlogopite (Potassium Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate) and Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl (Chromium Beryllium Aluminum Oxide))

August 8 – Clinochlore (Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate)

June 28 – Astrophyllite (Potassium Sodium Iron Titanium Inosilicate)

June 24 – Sphalerite (Zinc Sulfate)

June 20 – Sunstone (Copper in Feldspar (Sodium Calcium Aluminum Tektosilicate))

June 5 – Cacoxinated Amethyst (Cacoxinite (Iron Oxide) in Quartz (Tektosilicate)) with Hematite (Iron Oxide)

May 27 – Cassiterite (Tin Oxide)

May 22 – Apophyllite (Potassium Sodium Calcium Aluminum Phyllosilicate Fluoride)

May 19 – Seraphinite (Clinochlore (Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate))

May 11 – Native Mercury (the metal)

April 28 – Serendibite (Calcium Magnesium Aluminum Inoborosilicate) on Phlogopite (Calcium Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate)

April 24 – Apophyllite (Potassium Sodium Calcium Aluminum Phyllosilicate Fluoride)

April 21 – Solar Flare

April 16 Portraits of Pluto – Kongsbergite (Amalgam (Silver Mercury))

April 16 Pluto and the Moon – Moonstone (Orthoclase Feldspar (Potassium Aluminum Tektosilicate))

April 6 – Mercury (the planet)

March 16 – Vanadinite (Lead Vanadate Chloride) on Calcite (Calcium Carbonate)

March 1 – Vanadinite (Lead Vanadate Chloride)

February 24 – Manganotantalite (Manganese Tantalate)

February 23 – Baltic Amber (Succinite (Carbohydrate))

February 11 – Lepidolite (Potassium Lithium Aluminum Phyllosilicate Fluoride)

February 5 – Uvarovite (Calcium Chromium Nesosilicate (Garnet))

January 20 – Muscovite (Potassium Aluminum Phyllosilicate Fluoride)

January 18 – Dioptase (Copper Cyclosilicate)

January 15 – Rhodochrosite (Manganese Carbonate)

January 8 – Chiastolite (Andalusite (Aluminum Nesosilicate))

January 1 – Cavansite (Calcium Vanadate Phyllosilicate) on Stilbite (Sodium Calcium Aluminum Tektosilicate)


One Response to “The Stones”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    (from astrologer Anne Ortelee:) The Uranian planet, Hades, is stationing and turning direct this week (Saturday) at 28 Gemini ~ on the South node of releasing and square to Uranus at 29 Pisces. Hades is kind of a super Pluto ~ dark, powerful and very strong, he can bring us into some very dark places. The dark night of the soul so to speak. Remember that after every dark night, there is a sun rise. A dawn. If Hades stations and releases a dark energy from your being, or a very old story that is part of your past, that is another way this energy can surface. Often Hades makes us realize how we are tied to the story from our past. How we relive, redo, repeat it… Now Hades asks each of us to let the story go. To give it credit but allow it to slip away as part of our story.

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