Helpless Hopeless

Rose QuartzHere’s a great article on possibilities for creating Miracles… .

And a clear-eyed view of recent history in the USofA… .

Not to mention the view from the Solar Plexus… .

Mars went into Pisces this evening; that may quiet the Clamor a little during March, as folks may not be so vociferous (Mars) about their Ideals (Aquarius).  Mars (action) moves into Aries (action) April 2.  Mars isn’t necessarily subdued in Pisces, just more emotional.  Less speechifying, more handwringing.  If The Movement (as we used to call it in the 60s) does quiet, it’ll just be going underground to solidify its emotional roots.  Expect folks to be back in April with deeper resolve.  Mars in Pisces could also make folks more intensely devoted to their Cause, as astral trance replaces detachment.

At 1am PST on Thursday, Mars crosses Chiron at 2 degrees of Pisces, “A squirrel hiding from hunters.”  That sounds a little more like a regrouping than a mad rush.  We could also see Miracles (Chiron) in Action (Mars), but I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more guerrilla action and less head-on confrontation for the next month.

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