World Tapping Summit

Register for the free 2011 World Tapping Summit, which starts today (February 21), at .

If you don’t already tap routinely, this is highly recommended.


One Response to “World Tapping Summit”

  1. Barg Says:

    Last night I did the first two sessions of the summit. Fabulous. I’ve known about EFT for a long time, and do it periodically, but these sessions showed me great insights into how to utilize EFT. Really inspiring. They are expecting 2-300,000 folks to listen in this year. Imagine when a critical mass of people the world over tap out their old tragic stories and tap in new hopeful visions.

    I think my first tap every morning will now be: I’m so happy living in a peaceful, productive, cooperative, harmonious world that cherishes every child and offers them a space to grow a happy life.

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