Unfinished Business

Cuprite (Copper Oxide)We’ve been asked to be more explicit about Calleman’s notion that “2012” actually occurs on October 28, 2011.  It’s a graduate course, but Calleman’s website is

http://www.calleman.com/ .

He has a lot to say, more, I think, than any other 2012 commentator I’ve encountered, though the notion that the Planet’s crust comes unhinged from it’s “mantle” (the viscous zone beneath the crust) when the the Planet’s magnet field dissolves as the Poles shift, gives a sliver of credence to something on the order of John Cusack’s version of the story.

But as we’ve always said, in the version of astrology that I’ve been practicing for the last 40-plus years, 2012 is when The Sixties Become Permanent.  I really don’t think there’s any question that we jump from one Reality to another very frequently, or slip through the Veil from one into another, sometimes often in one day.  For instance, as I’ve been shrinking from, praying for release from, tapping out, and occasionally being able to embrace, these Ego Deaths that are streaming at us from the nethers, I’ve been popping in and out of any number of childhood dramas, past lives, and different flavors of “Present Moment Reality.”  In other words, there’s every possibility that ALL of the stories about 2012 will come true, and your  experience(s) of it will just depends on whether you turn right or left at the next light.

The myth that Reality is monolithic, is just another mass hypnosis like linear time.  That’s why various cultures and subcultures are so vehemently defending themselves against their competition, whether it’s in Cairo or Wisconsin, because the protagonists and antagonists are both terrified that the Veil is slipping off of their Monolith, and when it does, a lifetime of investment will be ruined.  I saw a great metaphor on this yesterday, the Wavy Gravy movie Saint Misbehavin’.  Talk to your local art house theater about bringing this to your town, as showings are limited at present.  Wavy assures us that there will be a DVD after the theater showings have run their course, but you wanna be sure not to miss it.  Here’s a trailer, a review, and the producer’s website, where the DVD information should eventually appear.

The other day I was talking to someone about current events, and I made some remark, and they responded with “No, this is The Sixties Becoming Permanent!”  I been talking about that for years, and almost always get a blank stare in response.  So now I hear evidence that I been heard!  And there’s no better verification than the return of Wavy Gravy to the limelight – if anyone personified the Sixies, it’s Wavy.  I haven’t gone on at length yet about just what I mean by The Sixties, but the sit-ins and love-ins in Cairo and Madison and elsewhere sure bring back memories.  Cairo and Chiron have different etymologies, Cairo rooting to something like conquest, and Chiron maybe rooting to something like healing hand, but their homophony is intriguing – exactly the sort of funhouse pun that the Master of Serendipity would use to show us the path.

It will be great to see our Chiron-Neptune Miracles arrive in the form of a shift in the Monolith, from kleptocracy to democracy.  The sit-ins, and the fact that they may be working in some places,  are amazing.  But the power vacuum must be filled by a different sort of leadership, if we’re to see anything but a shift from one kleptocrat to another.  In the US, Congress and the Presidencies have been stealing from the Social Security Insurance Fund for over half a century.  Now our erstwhile Hero of Change, Borat Obummer, refers to Social Security as an “entitlement,” not an annuity.  That’s called reframing.

Jupiter is rushing back into Aries ahead of Uranus, who still dallies in Pisces, and Chiron is rushing into Pisces ahead of Neptune, who still dallies in Aquarius.  Jupiter in Aries means our life is moving forward, ready or not, while our Soul Energy, still in Pisces, still has unfinished business to attend to.  That kinda leaves us hung out to dry, having to relate to daily life and its new challenges without the grounding strength of our Soul Chord.  Meanwhile, our Soul Energy is working with those childhood/pastlife Energies we’ve been unconsciously merged with, patiently working the barbs out so the hooks can be pulled out without making the wound bigger.

Uranus follows into Aries on March 11.  We should feel more supported after that, less like we’re out on a limb.  The last time Uranus was in Aries was 1927-1935.  That was an adventure.

Chiron meanwhile, the healing hand, which is to say, healing applied where it’s needed, has dived into the Piscean ocean.  We can expect to catch only glimpses of Chiron over the next few years, as he spends most of his time immersed in healing the lowest levels of our astral roots.  Leaving Aquarius, Chiron abandons our reframing efforts.  We’ve been attempting to heal by reframing our perspectives.  Like Einstein says, you can’t solve a problem by using the same thinking that postulated the problem.  Or as the Buddhists would put it, Change Your Mind.  Now the healing will happen in the emotional roots of an issue, not the intellectual hair on it.  Nothing ideological about the sit-ins in Cairo and Madison – simply, this is what we need.

The last time Chiron was in Pisces was 1960-1969.  Curious, eh?  The Uranus-Pluto Conjunction that marked the 60s – which we might call mandatory (Pluto) individuality (Uranus) – occurred Opposite Chiron, at 18 Virgo, “A Ouija Board.”  The reason we call 2012 When the Sixties Become Permanent is cuz the Uranus-Pluto Cycle reaches the Fourth Harmonic in 2012-2015.  In the first quarter of a cycle, from Conjunction to Fourth Harmonic, the Energy of the Cycle goes underground to fortify the roots of the Energy.  Once we get to the Fourth Harmonic, the Energy comes full into the Light.

Neptune follows Chiron into Pisces on April 3, and then again (after a return into Aqua to pick up a few forgotten issues in August) on February 3, 2012, if we’re still here then.  Neptune in Pisces is heavy.  The last time Neptune was in Pisces was 1846-1862.  Not sure it’s a reality yet in the USofA, as a great deal of the Energy behind the Tea Party and Republican victories is obvious racism, but on at least a technical level, 1846-62 saw the beginning of the move toward freeing the slaves.  Neptune is at home in Pisces.  Both represent the Ocean.  Total confusion when viewing the World through material eyes, and complete clarity when viewing the World through spiritual eyes.

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