Davidite (Lanthanum Yttrium Uranium Titanium Iron Oxide)While we were busy watching Hoseme get his comeuppance on the tube, the Corporate Media conveniently got to ignore what’s happening in the USofA.  From Wisconsin, for instance, a reader writes,

“All that I can say is ‘pray.’  I never thought that our country could come to such an ‘evil’ level and then blame the people for it.  In Wisconsin Governor Walker has called in the Wisconsin National Guard to protect,,,,,,, what?  Himself maybe?  He is taking away Unions, and 20% of public employee income.  I understand that we all have to give a little for the good of all.  But to call in ‘THE GUARD’ because he suspects there will be an upheaval is such a punch in the stomach it has made me so that I can’t even breathe.  He has no idea what living at poverty level is, and that is what I have lived at while being employed by the State of Wisconsin for the last 15 years.  I have been humble and have truly appreciated being employed.  We have so much to be proud of here in this State.  Now, our new governor has addressed State employees as ‘suspect.’  I am in shock and at a loss for words.  What is happening here?”

Reality is clashing with the Hype, is what’s happening.

The public school system in the USofA has been called the World’s greatest propaganda machine, selling the US system of government as The Best and Worth Dying To Defend many times over, because of our “freedom.”  In truth, the Winner Take All system in the US guarantees freedom only when you align with the “majority” – ask Julian Assange.  The World’s second-greatest propaganda machine, television, assures that the “majority” is aligned with $money.  Corporate raids of various kinds have stripped benefits and pensions from most private employees over the last couple of decades, and now there’s an organized effort to do the same for public employees.

There is a huge global trend that you don’t want to be on the wrong side of – the Rest of the World is raising their standard of living.  Since the World hasn’t gotten much bigger or more capacious, the correlate is that people in the “First World” are lowering theirs.  The Elite know this, and they’ve long since employed two strategies to milk the trend: sell things to the Rest of the World, and make sure that in the “First World” it’s other people’s living standards that fall, not theirs.  This is not new; it’s been going on for 20-30 years already, and it’s barely begun.  In the 80s Lester Brown estimated that the “First World” ate up some 22 times as many resources per capita as the people in the Rest of the World.  What do we think the ratio is today?  21?  What will it be when the trend finishes working it’s way through?  5?  1?  Less than 1?  22:1, when you look at it from the other side, is 0.05.

Another huge trend that’s been going on for even longer, at least several centuries: machines now make and do things, not people.  On a stage coach, the ratio of service employees to those served, not counting the back office, was 2:6.  Some trains now don’t even have 1 driver, the computers do it, and they carry hundreds of people.  And the back office is no longer in San Francisco, it’s in Bangalore, or untouched by human hands at all, on the internet.  The great propaganda machine has sold that to us as “productivity,” the glorious path to greater wealth and leisure!  For most people it’s the path to redundancy.  Two questions no one in the US has bothered to deal with, even centuries later – how will the excess people entertain themselves, and how will they eat?  The initiators of this great “Industrial Revolution,” the Brits, sent their excess populations to be used as arrow fodder to protect the Colonies.  In North America, we’ve run out of West for young men to escape to.

So, viewed from the Big Picture, everyday humans in the “First World” are simply a surplus “resource.”  That’s just the Reality.  How do we deal with it?  Yes, first we have to Grieve our loss.  Our Grief doesn’t care that our counterparts in China are now making five times as much as they were a few years ago, or how much we have to discount for inflation.  Whether or not we’re grieving for the loss of material welfare, we’re certainly grieving for the loss of our Idealism and our Optimism.  It’s so blatantly obvious that we can no longer trust that Great American Dream programming we got as children.  So the Media splashes us with images of displaced youth in Foreign Lands striving for freedom and democracy, just like us!  It’s pure bullshit.  They’re striving for food and jobs, just like us.

That’s what economic geography tells us about what’s happening.  What about astrology?  Well, there’s the New Global Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) and how it has the potential to transform Despair into Miracles.  If the ghost of Ed McMahon is there in Cairo, hiring folks to go door to door passing out checks, then they’re on the leading edge of that trend.  If the military just replaces Hoseme with Squirtme, then maybe not.  Nothing has changed about the Monopoly game that the entire World is still playing.  The efforts to match up vacant houses with homeless people, and unused food with hungry people, exist, but the Corporate Media isn’t about to cover them, because it wants you to believe that you have no power, that their $money game is the only one that exists.

There’s the New Soul Chord Download that can revivify all of us if we’re willing to open to it.  What does that involve?  Well, we been writing about the Grand Cross for a coupla months now.  Means we gotta give up alotta old Identities.  Clearly the gradeschool propaganda about the American Dream is overdue for the dustbin.  It’s deep in our hearts, but it’s waaay outa date.  Strive for Self-Respect because you deserve it and you need it, not because of somebody else’s lies about what’s Right and Good.  Since Ronald Reagan read Ayn Rand, the “winners” have been using the mantra, I better get mine before somebody else takes it.  Since Jesus and long before that, some “winners” have been using the mantra, We’re all in this together.  Ram Dass’s guru advised him to Feed people.

So, what follows Grief?  Well, first of all, remember that Grief sets its own timetable.  It can’t be hurried, as much as we’d like to.  Tapping will help immensely, not because it’ll speed up the Grief, but because it’ll help us get back into the Present Moment and leave behind all those deep trances from our Past Deaths, about our Worthlessness and Powerlessness and Helplessness.  After Grief comes Response.  What’s first priority?  Are we tired?  Then sleep is most important.  Hungry?  Then food.  Do we have a bed that’s dry and warm, hot running water, and food for tomorrow?  Then Bigtime Gratitude will be very useful – most people on the planet don’t.  Political action?  You might have been able to muster some support ten years ago, when private industry was eliminating pensions and benefits, but now most people are too busy scrambling to protect their legacies.

We may not have much time to get our act together in the Garden; according to Calleman, the Whole Shebang hits crescendo a few days before Halloween of this year.  Given that the three major unconscious planets, Pluto and Uranus and Neptune, are all highly involved in the Grand Cross, pray is indeed an excellent place to start, as is meditate.  Some people say that prayer is talking, while meditation is listening.  Where there are no obvious answers, listening very carefully to the smallest, stillest voice we can hear, is paramount.

Trust follows that.  If we’re blessed to receive an answer to any prayer, we have to follow it.  An effective plan will sound way off base to our “rational” mind, because our mind will be stuck in the old paradigm.  That’s what minds do.  We need to practice appreciating the  mind’s contribution, but not necessarily acting on it.  We have to trust the instructions we get from the Other Side of the Shift.

Now, to respond directly to our friend in Wisconsin, the first question is whether there’s any competition between your very strong dynamism and very strong magnetism.  Like me, you’ve got an Outabounds Mars on one corner of the Grand Cross.  So you’re likely to have a strong sense of Doingness.  Combine that with a situation where power seems remote, and that makes frustration.  But your survival instincts are absolutely flawless – any frustrations you might be feeling about that are somebody else’s feelings, not your own.  As I’ve been working with my newfound Identity-need for Doingness, I’ve seen that my father always told me I’d never amount to anything unless I learned to get up early like him.  My natural schedule is to work late and sleep late, so my self-concept is that I’m lazy, and I hope nobody catches me at it, because it triggers shame that’s very debilitating.

So that’s your first job – healing ANY rift between your inner male, who’s always willing and able to do what’s necessary, and your inner female, who knows exactly what’s right.  As a team, they are unbeatable.  Unbeatable.  Seriously, unbeatable.  But if anybody in your past ever shamed you for either (or both!), and if the two of them judge one another at all, you’re frozen.  Any conflict there?  You gotta tap that out, and reprogram yourself to be loving and gentle with each of them all the time, so you can teach them to be loving and gentle with each other all the time.  Believe me, everything else will take care of itself just fine!

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