Mainstream Mystic

You know I’d be delighted to do whatever I can to promote a book that a friend wrote.  But in this case, Patti Zarn’s new book Mainstream Mystic is fascinating to read.  Every time I’ve picked up the book, I haven’t been able to put it down till I’ve read a couple of chapters.  She’s very skilled at maintaining a gentle level of suspense and holding your attention.  Here’s Patti’s intro:

Book Release

MAINSTREAM MYSTIC – The True Story about the Struggle to

Blend Everyday Life with a Destined Path of Enlightenment

by Patti Zarn

Anyone seeking meaning in their life will benefit from this inspiring autobiography of a skeptic’s journey through a series of spontaneous spiritual experiences; which led her to have the faith and courage to follow her own path toward understanding humanity’s true nature and purpose for life.

The magical stories that are presented in this book will show the reader how to see the events in their own past are tied together in perfect and divine order for the tapestry of life to weave itself into the bigger picture of eternal life. MAINSTREAM MYSTIC is the perfect blend of conventional and unconventional spiritual beliefs that the author has unraveled as a result of having these direct experiences with our creator, God.

This book is recommended for general spiritual libraries, Christian Mystics and New Age enthusiasts alike.

Available in – Hardcover, Paper back and all E-book formats

Available Now! and Barnes and Noble websites

(purchase an E-book version at Smashwords and you receive ALL formats for one low price)

Read the Introduction now at


MAINSTREAM MYSTIC is full of amazing personal stories…grabs you and doesn’t let go.”
–Robin Hoch-Co-Author of Living the Law of Attraction


“Mainstream Mystic is authentic, unselfconscious, candid, and unapologetic. Refreshingly perceptive. And absolutely inspiring. I couldn’t put it down. It made me feel closer to God/Source, to nature, to my intuitions, to life, to others, and to MYSELF. It made me feel more confident about my CONNECTION to everything. It reawakened me to the divine synchronicities that happen to me every day, the things that we tend to brush aside in the swift pace of today’s world. This is a book that—if everyone were to read and take to heart—just might begin to awaken the sleeper in all of us.” — C. Lambright / product page

Publisher: Red Holmes Press

Genre: Non-Fiction; Autobiography, Inspirational, Spirituality and General Christian

Pages: 276

ISBN # 978-0-9842399-0-0 paperback

ISBN # 978-0-9842399-2-4 hardcover

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