Oligarchs and Running Water

Serendibite (Calcium Magnesium Aluminum Boron Inosilicate)D’ya spose Wall Street would resign if all of the American unemployed camped out in Lower Manhattan and chanted Wall Street Elite Must Go! for 18 days?  Or camped in Washington chanting Wall Street Puppets Must Go! for 18 days.  How many days could the US go without a Police Riot “triggered” by planted thugs in black “Anarchist” uniforms, dressed to make sure the press recognizes them?  As Leonard Cohen puts it,

It’s here the family’s broken
and it’s here the lonely say
that the heart has got to open
in a fundamental way:
Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

How would the US Military respond?  How many homeless are there in the US, and how many vacant foreclosed houses?  The Corporate Media goes on and on about Democracy, trying to get folks in the US to revert to their public-school programming and see themselves as heroes of “Democracy,” forget that they live under Oligocracy, and start fencing with their credit cards again for the good of the country.  Monkey #101 here.

My personal Chiron in Pisces Initiation metaphor has been quite literal.  Mutable signs are sometimes described as distributive – creating, organizing, and then distributing.  So the river of catarrh that the flu has been blessing me with, was a perfect picture of Pisces as distributing water.  Chiron advises us, Change your paradigm! But that’s pretty vague – the thing about our paradigms is that they’re invisible.  They define our Reality.  That’s a Tree, that’s a Road.  How can we change that?  They’re just facts.  But they aren’t facts, they’re selective discriminations.  What if we had defined them as a Vertical and a Horizontal instead.  Could be maladaptive, if we were accustomed to sleeping on just any Horizontal, and we hadn’t discriminated Heavy Moving Horizontal Objects from, say, Shrubbery.

The paradigm that the Oligarchs want us to use, is that Wall Street owns those houses, so of course they’ll lock them and board up the windows to keep out the Vandals.  Locked vacant house with cold family standing in the yard in the rain might suggest a different paradigm.  By Norman Rockwell, right?  Looks like Scarcity to me.  And criminal corruption on a massive scale.  We can illuminate our Identities, which are integrally embedded in our paradigm, by looking for our Yes, Buts…  YesBut, what about Private Property and the Rule of Law?  Isn’t that what creates stability and opportunity?  Hmmm.  Is that how the Wall Street robosigners and trick-mortgage pushers came to own the houses?

Aha, so Private Property and the Rule of Law are just tools for the Oligarchs to bully the Sheople?  That would be a change of paradigm, relative to our public-school programming.  Wait!  trick-mortgage pushers and contract jails hire janitors!  Well, sure, non-union, but Jobs!! Hallelujah.  Let’s see, was that Rupert Murdoch’s paradigm, or Michelle Bachman’s?

Now Chiron was unhealable, and the flu virus is very good at evoking feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.  Flu veterans tell me it lasts a month.  A month!  I don’t have a month to spare.  I’ve already wasted a week of Sunshine.  Okay, if Chiron is Grace to the Identity Grand Cross, then I need to relax and surrender and inquire.  Whoa – there’s an unconscious Identity I haven’t been aware of lately, Doingness! Relax, rest, give it over.  You have all the time in the World.  What a swarm of YesButs that triggers, on many levels, many quite deep into that old unfinished business stuff.  Okay, so I could spend about a month tappingYesBut, we’re out of time. The calendar is closing.  Is there one Summer left?  Two?  Seven?

But I know a great Homeopathic Physician.  Now that’s a change of paradigm.  What in the old paradigm is impossible, becomes in the new paradigm an everyday Miracle.

Whenever we encounter a glitch, we have to go back over the prior several days, to see what we’ve prayed for, asked for, affirmed, intended, or visualized.  We may have forgotten to also ask for a loving and gentle release.  It could have been a casual I wish… that we didn’t even think of as an intention.  We have no idea how powerful we are.  Our glitches, if we can embrace them so, are usually a fast route to removing the Limiting Beliefs that stood in the way of manifesting our recent intention.  What have I asked for recently?  Good health, healthy and flexible joints.  Is the flu – or the homeopathic – clearing away some latent inflammation?  Or just protecting my joints from working outside while it’s still cold?  Dunno.  May never know.  Does the release depend on the Beliefs coming into conscious awareness?  Dunno.

I do know, from hypermodern biology, that each mitochondria is directly linked to the Zero Point Field, from which it can draw infinite energy (and information) directly, if it’s not blocked by the Venetian-blind-like microtubules in the cell.  Toxins can “close” the blinds, and held emotions can close the blinds.  In this paradigm, an emotional release can produce Change that looks like Miracles.  And clearing can open us up to intuitive information that crosses the Veil from other dimensions.

Now remember the bottom-line issue we’ve been working on since the Solstice – Identity, clearing away unconscious Identities (Juno) to make space for our new Soul Chord Download (Jupiter-Uranus) that will transform (Pluto) our Karma and our future (Dragon) – the Solstice Eclipse Grand Cross.  If we hope to bring anything into consciousness at this time of the century, we need first to look for an Identity component!  I hadn’t realized it till a few days ago when reading an email from Lorraine Valente, that one corner of the Grand Cross was sitting on my Outabounds Mars – vitality and doingness.  Isn’t that a clue.

Remember when we said that because of Juno and the Dragon’s Tail we’d be graced with the opportunity to let go of our emotional attachments to our past deaths?  And that when we did that, the Liberation would be immense?  Lotsa people are still dying from the flu.  So I can tap my way out of a belief in sickness unto death – in fact, I have a history even in this lifetime with Kierkegaard’s book of that name.  A doctor prescribed that I read this book after he diagnosed me with MS.  I never did read it.  Instead I changed my paradigm and lost the symptoms.  My life at the time was spiraling into a big Victim trip, and I began to take Responsibility, and stepped out of it.  Responsibility is not Blame; it’s the ability to respond.

So we’ve uncovered unconscious identifications with sickness unto death, and with doingness.  Better throw in working myself to death as long as it’s in the ballpark.  I create my life so I don’t often have to do what I really don’t want to do, so I don’t have much resentment about mis-spending my time (except when I can’t take advantage of Sunshine), so I don’t even usually think of it as work – it can’t be work if you enjoy it!  But if I phrase it as DOing myself to death it’s not ambiguous.

Yesterday I got a letter from my (non-Wall Street) bank billing me for an NSF charge on a $5,000 check that I didn’t write.  Many years ago I was hiking with my friend Alan, and we were eating lunch, three days from the nearest road, far above timberline, when a lone stranger came over the ridge and asked to join us.  We finished lunch and hiked up onto an exposed plateau, where there was the usual crop of summer wildflowers, but they were all dwarfed, a fourth as big as normal.  I was fascinated by these, when Alan asked our new companion what his name was.  He said my name, and it was a good thing we were on a plateau, or I would have fallen right off the mountain.  I tranced off so far that I literally had to get out my driver’s license to verify that I was me too, not just this imposter!

There were a number of other “coincidences” – I was a geographer, he a geologist.  He was from the area where my mother’s people were from, not my father’s, so the family name was mismatched for him to be a relative.  I had recently rented an apartment, and in so doing had reserved one, then changed my mind and rented a unit in the building next door.  When I told the other landlord I had changed my mind, he gave me a really funny look.  Later I found out, yes, my namesake had rented that apartment, 30 yards from the one I rented.  He came over to use the pool in my building.  It gets deeper and deeper, mindboggling actually, but I’ll stop there.  He was a great guy, we had a lot in common, I wished I could be his friend, but his name made me nervous.  Brian Greene says he has “no evidence today of parallel universes.”  But I do.  When the Reality of your own non-uniqueness comes through like that, you lose a good deal of attachment to Identity.  It turned out to be a bank error, and not bleedthrough, but the Realities were triggered.

Then there’s the highly public national Identity that the Egyptians are living through.  It triggers the nationalistic programming we all share, and moistens our eyes with more running water.

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  1. Kelly Says:

    This is one of the best posts EVER. Thanks

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