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Six Dead in Arizonio

January 10, 2011

Kamacite (Nickel-Rich Iron Meteorite)The partial parallel with Kent State is noteworthy.  Kent State, as immortalized by Neil Young’s Four Dead in Ohio, marked a real and symbolic ending to the Polarization of the 60s over Vietnam.  We’re finishing up the 40-year underground period of the Energy of the 60s, which comes into full scope in the summer of 2012.  Whether this massacre will bloom into the kind of epiphany that Kent State embodied, as the Pima County Sheriff suggests it should, remains to be seen.  The media, even NPR, has been vigorously countering that possibility (“No, this isn’t about politics, just another crazy”), implying that it carries some power.  It’ll be interesting to see if SSRIs are involved this time.

It’s also very noteworthy that the nine-year-old girl who was assassinated was born on September 11, 2001.  That was the day when the current Moon-Out-of-Bounds cycle began.  The Moon goes Out of Bounds (that is, further north than the Tropic of Cancer, and further south than the Tropic of Capricorn) for several days every two weeks for 9-11 years, then for the next 9-11 years, the Moon stays In Bounds.  Folks are more emotional during Moon-OOB periods.  By the end of April 2011, we’ve moved out of this Moon-OOB period, and hopefully out of the Polarization.  Polarization was big in the 1/1/2000 chart, but not in the 1/1/2010 chart.  If this sacrificed Soul’s mission was to guide us through the OOB zone with only flesh wounds, I believe she did rather well.

The Moon was OOB from 1965 to 1974.


January 9, 2011

Oops, sorry – the “good information about our new Soulchord Download on Monday January 10, as the Moon crosses Jupiter-Uranus around 1pm to 3pm PST” isn’t true at all – it’s 1AM to 3AM PST.  So before you go to bed Sunday night, Ask to remember your dreams!

Monday, January 10

January 6, 2011

Herkimer Diamonds (Quartz)Chiron-Neptune’s more immediate, lit up as it is on Friday, but more important are the Ego Deaths that are challenging many of us (particularly those of us with planets in the last five degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, or Sadge or in the first six degrees of  Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Cap – that is, under the corners of the Grand Cross).  Mondays are big on this score for a while.  Monday January 17 is most prominent – we’ll write about that inna few days.

We’ll be getting good information about our new Soulchord Download on Monday January 10, as the Moon crosses Jupiter-Uranus around 1pm to 3pm PST.  We could feel that as excitement about our new self, or we could feel it as anxiety or grief or even shame, as the New squeezes out the Old.  While Chiron-Neptune is quite impersonal (unless it falls on one of your planets), Jupiter-Uranus is totally personal, so personal that you probably won’t even want to talk about it, except with your least judgmental friends, or your Confessor.

About five hours later, 6pm7pm PST, we get hit with the Old, bigtime, as the Moon Opposes Juno (that which we’re merged with) and then Squares Pluto (that which the Universe is shoving down our throat).  Opposition symbolizes Awareness, and the Square is our Fourth-Harmonic Competence-through-Challenge friend, so we could summarize that as the Universe ripping out of us that which is no longer relevant to the Seventh-Day End Times we’re entering.  Enjoy!

If you’re reading this on Monday, think back to Friday.  That’s when Miracles were afoot.  A Miracle is just an ordinary event in one paradigm, which is against one sort of law or another in a more traditional paradigm.  For a mundane example, if you tried to build a Prius in 1990, you’d have flopped miserably, because 1990’s battery technology (Lead-Acid), and motor-generator technology (Iron) both weighed so much you’d only be able to drive downhill.  If you passed a modern Prius going uphill, you’d have called it a Miracle.  But it’s “just” a change of paradigm, as today’s battery (Lithium) and motor-generator (Neodymium) technologies can do the same work using a fraction as much weight.

Same with our Ego-Death miseries – just our plain old Lead-Acid-Iron Selves scared shitless that they’re gonna be left out in the cold to starve again, while stunningly gorgeous Mr. or Ms. Lithium-Neodymium saunters off with our Mother or Father or TrueLove or SugarDaddy again, like they did to us in that age in that land, as mirrored by the horribly unpleasant experiences we had in our youth, which we’d do anything to avoid having to relive.  The glass slipper probably aint gonna fit, that’d be too predictable.  But Miracles do await us.

First we’re probably gonna hafta suffer a bit, till we remember to breath, tap, and remind ourself that it’s a hologram.  Present-Moment “Reality” is gonna be over there, behind the projection, waving it’s arms.  Yoo-Hoo, Over Here! They’re very compelling dramas, they hook us and snap us into a trance often so deep we don’t know we’re gone.  As Kesey put it, Sometimes you can trip out so far that you never get back to know that you’ve left.  That’s not true of a regression into a Karmic trance – we always come back, usually to have to try to clean up the mess we made while we were tranced out.  It is true of the Miracles that await us on the other side of the Big Drama.

Friday January 7

January 6, 2011

Uranocircite (Barium Uranium Phosphate Hydroxide)On Friday January 7 from 1pm to 3pm PST – give or take a couple of hours – we get to tune into the deep Changes which are going on in our culture (which is to say, the Moon is crossing Chiron-Neptune).  Here are a couple of possible clues:







Volcker was the guy who rescued the US economy from the cesspool it was in in 1980, a cesspool similar to today’s.  1980’s was a few years further along.  Today’s is several orders of magnitude bigger.

The media may be a poor source for detecting this Energy, since the corporations that own the media and the government are working like crazy to try to disguise the decline of Western Civilization, so you’ll feel optimistic enough to Borrow and Spend again.  So we’ll need to filter what we hear, to separate the new from the shouters trying to peddle leftovers as gourmet.  Remember, though, Chiron-Neptune is about Fresh Violets in an ancient porcelain bowl, so we should expect the Miracles to unfold from a combining of the old and the new.

Chiron-Neptune is a 65-year cycle, so tuning into this Energy is important to us for the long term – keep your eyes and ears and mind open.  This Energy will also be triggered on January 15 (12am3am PST – note your dreams), 21 (11am2pm PST), and 27 (7am10am PST).

Partial Solar Eclipse

January 2, 2011

By the way, Tuesday morning’s Partial Solar Eclipse won’t be visible in the Western Hemisphere or Australia, except over the internet.  The Sun will rise 50% (Madrid) to 85% (Copenhagen) eclipsed in Europe.  Enjoy!

The Miracles are Waiting for You

January 2, 2011

Crystallized PlatinumMy own life experiences tell me that a rising spiral describes an individual’s path.  Revisiting a bummer always feels like we’re back on the circular Treadwheel of Karma, but when we step outside, we can see that we’re different now than during our previous visits, we’ve gained skills, we have more options.  I also know that for many people, life is feeling more like a descending spiral, and many just feel like they’ve fallen into a pit.

Jung tried for several years to figure out how to integrate globally violent dreams into his self-concept, without success, until World War broke out and he realized what he was dreaming wasn’t personal at all.  While the series has undergone many transformations over the years, the original purpose of this series of “newsletters” was to help folks avoid personalizing all of the massive global Energies that were descending upon us as a result of the Harmonic Convergence.  Lately we’ve been writing a lot about Identity, as Juno has been prominent, and continues to be.  The Grand Cross from the Solstice Eclipse is still happening, though tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse has moved out of the Grand Cross itself.

We need to look at the Grand Cross again.  Juno Opposes Jupiter-Uranus, which is to say, our recent New Download from our Soulchord (Jupiter-Uranus), which as Huge (bang on the cusp of Aries) is setting up the places where Awareness (Opposition) of our Unconscious Identities (Juno) is becoming essential.  A major source of trance, or Identity with Not-Self, for anyone is the maze of Energetic Storms that comprise the Universal and Cultural Unconscious – it behooves us to know and understand the Big Energies that are occurring on the Planet, because we need to hitch our wagon to the trends that feed us, and unhitch our wagon from the trends that would lead us into a pit.  So we need to look as objectively as we can at where the autonomous threads of History and Herstory would lead us.

A Grand Cross is made up of two Oppositions in Fourth-Harmonic relationship (Competence through Challenge) to one another, and the second Opposition is the natural Opposition of the Moon’s Nodes.  The Moon’s Nodes represent where we been (South Node) and where we’re going (North Node).  Pluto (inevitability/transformation) and Pallas (boundaries) are sitting on the North Node.  Which is to say, we are being drawn inexorably (Pluto) toward our own Future (North Node), and it behooves us to separate ourself (Pallas) from the inevitable (Pluto).  Yes, hitch your wagon, but know it’s your wagon and not you that’s hitched.  You have more Healthy Control (Responsibility) that way.

Moving into the Future (North Node), let along being thrown into it, always involves Letting Go of the Past (South Node).  So we have two different Identity conundrums challenging our competence.  One of them is highly personal – making space (Juno) for our new Soulchord Download (Jupiter-Uranus).  The other is both personal and impersonal – Moving into our own Future (North Node) using the momentum of Planetary trends (Pluto), without getting attached to them (Pallas).  Or rather, detaching from them, since odds are we’ve been attached all along.  And actually, with Pluto aligned to the Galactic Center, the impersonal Energies are a whole lot bigger than Planetary!

Of course there’s Grace (Third- and Sixth-Harmonic relationships to the planets in the Grand Cross) involved, and the three elements of Grace here are knowing and honoring our own Values (Venus), deeply (in Scorpio), recognizing that the World has entered a New Paradigm where Miracles are allowed and should be expected (Chiron-Neptune), and choosing that which can be sustained (Ceres, which is Outabounds, ie, strong).  Grace isn’t something we consciously do, it’s something we receive.  We just need to be open to it.  It’s easy to miss if we aren’t open to it, that’s why it’s useful to be conscious about it, without forcing anything or pushing.

That’s subtle and important, often even for women.  So for instance, knowing that Miracles are available to us is very different from expecting a specific outcome, or praying for a specific outcome.  Yet there is a range of outcomes that would surprise and delight us, some that would devastate us, and some we could live with, even if they aren’t ideal.  So the leverage is self-love.  Are we worthy of surprise and delight?  If not, we need to get tapping.  If we’re merged with a Planetary downcurrent (such as colonialism, or, as it manifests in the colonizing countries, consumerism), it’s gonna be hard to find enough self-love to embrace surprise and delight.

Think for a moment about your Deepest Desire and your Greatest Fear – if it’s Fear that dominates, tap it out.  We’ll never achieve our Deepest Desire, because it’s intangible, it’s Energetic, it motivates what we want.  What you think you want is a snapshot of your Deepest Desire, it’s not Desire.  Even if it’s a color snapshot, it’s not Desire.  Desire is the Energy of Life.  You don’t want to actually get there, because that’s the End.  But you’d love to feel the way you think you’re gonna feel when your snapshot goes live, eh?  So we need to do Both/And.  We want to consciously choose to feel the Elation and Gratitude and Ease that we’re gonna feel when our Deepest Desire manifests, without surrendering a bit of our Desire.

Tricky, eh?  Not really, but that sense of being in two places at once is a space we want to get used to.  There is a dichotomy between wanting and havingHaving delights us (for a little while), but wanting keeps us alive.  We want Both, at the same time, as often as we can muster.

Now that we got that settled, let’s go back to those impersonal Energies, especially the inexorable ones.  It may not be the only thing that stands between us and Desire and Delight, but identifying with Not-Self is certainly one big barricade.  Whenever the Nodes are involved, we know we’re working with KarmaKarma has two edges.  Many folks see it as payback – we be on this particular Treadwheel because we were naughty in some past circumstance.  Some folks even believe we can never get off, we just have to endure it, as if it was a Hell.  Alan Watts said that Karma is really Inertia, that our sense that it’s about Retribution is a projection from our Western religious training.

If Karma is Inertia, then we’re on this particular Treadwheel because this is the Treadwheel we’re habituated to.  Another Identity thing – first we gotta notice that we believe we’re stuck, then we gotta step off the Wheel, then we gotta endure the initial vertigo without jumping back on.  It’s disorienting.  We’ve had a Jimi Hendrix poster over that hole in our Birdcage for lebendy-seven lifetimes now, and when we take it down there’s a cold wind coming in, and who knows what kinda Evil could slither through that hole when we aren’t looking!  Or worse, when we are!  It’s a lot easier to throw a Madonna poster over it!  Enduring that vertigo can feel like Dementia, which is exactly what it is, except it’s spelled Dimensia.  The Nodes are the holes in our Reality where the Future and the Past stream into the Now.

Now, any time we’re stuck in an apparent contradistinction, we recognize that it must be a mental structure, right?  Because contradistinction and contradiction are properties of mind, not properties of Reality, right?  So what do we do when we can’t decide whether it’s heads or tails?  We jump to the Coin.  What Coin is it?  Future and Past are about Time.  Future and Past are the same thing, they just hide from one another by being on opposite sides of the same Coin.  Opposition = Awareness.  Like Delight and Desire, Both/And, two places at once.  Inside our Birdcage and out.  Timothy Leary’s dead / No no no no / He’s outside looking in.

So we don’t get to the Future without Letting Go of the Past, without tolerating the vertigo and refusing to re-lease our Past Traumas.  And we don’t know our Greatest Fear unless it’s part of our Past Trauma.  Well, Past Traumas are paper tigers.  They aren’t real, they’re holograms, they’re memories that entrance us.  So try this on for size – it’s one of those Real-World Trends that we need to be conscious of:

We mighta been the Victim of this kinda humanity, or we mighta been the Perp – doesn’t matter, they’re the same Coin.  Trigger any negative emotions?  Tap ’em out.  You won’t get to either Delight or Desire if yer stuck in Fascism.

Here’s another one.  EuroAmerican Colonialism has transformed itself.  Now that machines do much of the work, and the internet does the rest, Colonialism no longer enriches the common folk who live in the Colonizing countries.  It just enriches the Masters who own the machines and the ships.  If your Desire or your Delight includes a strong dose of Consumerism, you need to hitch your wagon to the Masters, or move to one of the countries that are transcending the Colonial yoke.  In linear time, Consumerism will thrive there for many years to come, because they’re just learning it.

The Masters are no longer recruiting Sailors and Sahibs at home, and having ships and engines built at home, they’re doing all of this in today’s cheapest country, and shipping the spoils off to anybody who has good money.  And the common folk in the Colonizing countries don’t have good money now, because the Masters don’t have to share any more.  They don’t even know you’re suffering, because their limos and helicopters take them directly from their offshore villas to their highrise towers.  Since there are always more Serfs than Masters, we’ve all spent many lifetimes as Serfs.  Are we gonna re-lease that Drama, or are we gonna choose to set the Master-Serf Coin aside?  We probably won’t be able to do that till after we tap out any feelings of Serfdom we can dredge up.

Pluto’s in Capricorn now.  Capricorn is pragmatism personified.  Look around, see what language they’re speaking, and learn it.  Obama’s your poster child.  Rant about your frustration that no one else is speaking your language all ya want, but it won’t get you anywhere except more frustration, at best.  Tap it out.  Don’t like kissing ass?  Get over it.  One of America’s Truthspeakers, Dennis Kucinich, put it very clearly,

The Class War is over.  We lost.

Now it’s Please, Sir, may I have some more? again.  Or, we can step off the Wheel.

There’s a third alternative, beyond Victim and Perp.  Declare your Intention to discover what that looks like.  The Miracles are expecting you.