(Contracted) State of the Union

Tiger IronIn the USofA, former Hopester Obama gives his annual State of the Union address, and some Retrograde Clown refudiates him, just as Saturn’s standing still.  What a drama that’ll make.  Of course life is easier when the Economy is expanding, than when it’s contracting, and the Powers That Be are cheerleading us to make us optimistic again that expansion is underway, in hopes that we’ll expand our own economic activity as well – every little bit counts.  But Saturn’s also about looking Reality square in the face, and the perspective in the following articles is important, so we aren’t blindsided by a raid on our party…





We ignored Saturn when we were discussing the Eclipses, because we were focusing on the larger configuration, the Grand Cross.  But Saturn was in a Fourth Harmonic relationship with the January 5 Solar Eclipse.  One way to interpret that, would be an implication that we would become aware (Eclipse) of the need for additional discipline (Saturn), the result of which would be competence, but the process for which would be challenging (Fourth Harmonic).  This was a waxing Fourth Harmonic relationship, meaning that Energies that were born when the Sun and the Moon crossed Saturn, were coming into visibility.  So we go back to see what Energies those were.

The Sun crossed Saturn on September 30, at 8 degree of Libra, “A blazing fireplace in a deserted home.”  Ouch.  Hits a little close to home in the US and parts of Europe (and possibly in the near future in Australia and China), where Mortgage Mania and Bank Avarice have created a slew of foreclosures.  Is the blaze in danger of igniting the whole house, or is it a reflection of the fact that not just the house, but the home, is there, warm and waiting for an occupant.  It’s just that the Bank and the Sheriff have locked the door with the would-be occupant peering in through the window.  Saturn, Contraction, can symbolize Scarcity – not having enough to share.  Certainly the wealthy Elite and their government lackeys don’t have enough to share here.  They’re busy prying pensions away from the remaining unions.  This Energy peaks this coming (northern) Summer, and in October it’s replaced with “A Sunday crowd enjoying the beach,” so there may yet be cause for hope.

The Moon last crossed Saturn, as we said, the day before Saturn’s Station, in 18 degrees of Libra.  That’s “Two men placed under arrest.”  Ouch again.  Maybe two men who were trying to get into the deserted home to get warm, or two men caught stripping the copper out of the house.  Moon cycles are short – the Moon changes this Energy next month, changing it to “A retired sea captain watches ships entering and leaving the harbor.”  That’s probably a good sign, as there’s a good chance that the ships are representative of expanded economic activity.  Or at least, they might bring in some fish.  We don’t know if the sea captain retired because he had a sufficient nestegg or pension, or because he was outsourced.

The Libra-to-Capricorn Fourth Harmonic is about becoming more pragmatic in our relationships.  Where we used to serve others because out Identity required it, we’re now likely to be seeking more equal exchanges of energy in our interactions and relationships.  This bodes ill for class-structured societies, as those whose Identity requires that they be served suddenly find a hole in their Reality.

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