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This year in the USofA, Monday January 17 is a holiday, Martin Luther King Day, often shortened, fondly, to MLK Day.  This year it’s very busy, as our continuing Grand Cross, the same Grand Cross as the Solstice Grand Cross, the Grand Cross which we can consider the harbinger of 2011, gets lit up bigtime.  So it’s a good day to understand more about 2011.

The Moon lights up the Jupiter-Uranus corner early, in the 5am to 10am PST timeslot.  That’s the New Soul Download corner.  See if you feel rambunctious during these hours.  It should be a good time for creativity to overcome restraint.

Then later, in the 8pm to 11pm PST timeframe, it gets really busy.  Mercury represents observation, but it’s a trickster.  How many different interpretations can you craft from what you observe?  The more the better.  See if you can do a multiple Both/And with your interpretations of what you observe on Monday.  Reality is multidimensional, many times over.  The mindbone loves to simplify, and tries very hard to make things match preconceptions.  It would be useful to spend a little time between noon and 4pm PST asking yourself, What do I expect to see in 2011?  Make a separate list of what you couldn’t stand to see, and a third list of what you’d love to see.  Put the lists away and don’t look at them till Tuesday.

Then, on Tuesday, see how many of your observations on Monday reinforced what you expected to see.  Separately, see how many of your interpretations matched what you expected.  Mercury crosses Pluto in the later Monday timeframe, at the same time that the Moon opposes Mercury-Pluto and squares Juno.  This later timeframe should be an excellent lesson in differentiating between what’s really going on (in this case, Pluto), what we want to see happening (Mercury), what we’re excited about or scared of (Moon), and what our Ego is deeply invested in happening (Juno).  We want to cut through our intellectual and emotional and egoic investments so we can see how “objective” Reality is changing (Pluto).  How to do this?

Well, you can compare your thoughts and feelings in the earlier Monday timeslot, with your thoughts and feelings in the later Monday timeframe.  Your New Soul Download is a babe recent of the Far Reaches, and is likely to be less entangled with the Karma you’ve been working with recently.  Our Karma is like a funhouse mirror, it distorts our view of present-moment Reality.  In the earlier Monday timeslot, we’re more likely to be seeing Reality more clearly.  Hint – your curiosity should be evoked.  In the later Monday timeframe, we’re more likely to be seeing more of our Resistance to present-moment Reality.  The day as a whole gives us a unique opportunity to look in on history as it unfolds.

Monday will be a fabulous time to pray, or visualize, or intend, or ask for, or affirm Clarity and Guidance.  Coasting with the Wind of History behind your back is a zillion times easier than trying to tack against it.  The underlying Victim program here is letting go of old ego attachments that no longer serve us.    The overlying Master program is trancing into our New Soul Download.  The difference could be subtle.  Watch for it.

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