RightBrain, LeftBrain, Who Gots the Brain

Castaneda’s book Power of Silence does an excellent job of describing the contest between the “Left Brain” and the “Right Brain.”  Who wins?


It’s a tie.  If yer gonna use the Right Brain, you gotta make sure your projections aren’t contaminated by your wannabes.  The MO of the Right Brain is Intuition.  Intuition has two sources of misdirection: emotional holding, and values.  Emotional holding will make some outcomes impermissible, because in order to allow them you’d have to embrace emotions that you’ve proven to yourself are unembraceable.  Your values can reject real outcomes that don’t meet your expectations.

If yer gonna use the Left Brain, you gotta make sure your assumptions are as close to HardCopy Reality as you can get them.  The Left Brain, recall, uses Logic as its MO, and Logic is content-neutral.  Logic is about If-Then.  You might get everybody to agree on the Then part, but if yer If part is all wet, everybody drowns.  And it should be obvious that emotional holding and values – not to mention ideologies – can perturb your assumptions.

So both paths have pitfalls.  It’s nice to use one to validate the other, but it really doesn’t work, because emotional holding and values and ideologies cross-contaminate both.  All you end up with is Certainty, and if you’re Certain and wrong, sooner or later “Reality” – that Plutonian River, Styx – will slap you down bigtime.  In reality they always work together anyway, because it’s your Right Brain that delivers yer assumptions to yer Left Brain.

So the answer is to seek Consciousness, seek to embrace as many of yer emotions as you can, recognize that yer values may not be in synch with the tides so you know when to hedge yer bets (or settle for losing a battle to survive for another opportunity), and seek to understand as many perspectives as possible, so your ideologies are flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances.

Which is all just introduction.  We could relate this introduction to the fourth corner of the Solstice Eclipse Grand Cross, and we’ll do that soon.  The reason for the lengthy introduction is to avoid apologizing for introducing a very Left Brain lecture.  This is a very long talk, but it’s worth every minute.  In my view, this person is being very clear – his assumptions are neither ideologically driven nor emotionally driven.  One value they reveal is Survival is Good – the alternative to that is pretty nihilistic, and we aren’t in a particularly nihilistic phase in any of our major trends, so I don’t see a good reason to reject Survival is Good.

The venue is Johns Hopkins University, certified left-brain, and the speaker, Jim Rickards, has credentials as long as yer arm, in both private business and public service.  Set aside a coupla hours, and watch this video; it’ll enhance yer Survival meaningfully.


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