Amazing Grace

Thanks for your long and heartfelt comment, Grace!  And yours too, Anon!  Sorry I’ve been too busy lately (I’m moving) to respond directly, but I wanted to take a quick stab at some of your questions, Grace, even though you probably intended them to be rhetorical.  Can’t pass up a possible teachable moment.  For instance,

“How is it we can see into the past influences on our future through astrology?  How is it we can see into the future by using our psychic abilities?  How is it that we can heal with the energy in our hands and how is it that we are all connected?”

If you look into the basic principles underlying the esoteric traditions in most religious traditions, there are two that stand out as fundamental.  It’s important to distinguish the esoteric or mystical traditions from the traditions intended for mass consumption.  The latter are always political traditions, not philosophical traditions.  The two mystical traditions that stand out are,

We are all One,


All there is, is Now.

If one takes the trouble to rebuild all of one’s worldview using these two principles as the basic assumptions, then the World changes a lot.

Another big jump in our own consciousness involves releasing our addiction to Cause and Effect, aka The Great God Causan Defect.  Scienterrific worldviews notwithstanding, Cause and Effect is not the only principle operating in the Universe.  For instance, at a certain age, children are shamed out of their ability to do “Magical Thinking.”  Or at least, that’s the intention.  Some of us use Magical Thinking as our basic modus operandi, and when that’s the case, sure, we learn how to parrot back “proper thinking,” we just learn to keep our own superior native process to ourself.  Carl Jung postulated that astrology and similar processes worked not at all by Cause and Effect, but by a principle he called AssociationWhen the Moon is in the seventh house is associated with certain other phenomena, it doesn’t cause them.

“Are we preprogrammed to some degree by the alignment of the stars and perhaps even more?”

Yes and no.  Lord knows humans (and other critters of all stripes) are infinitely Programmable creatures.  The Hindu meaning of Karma is just this – inertia.  The notion of Karma as retribution is a projection of the political arm of Western religion.  The power of Ritual derives from the same process – repetition.  An Archetype is just a big, complex program, one that runs on a scale larger than a single creature.  Like War, or Domination.  Consciousness is nothing more than the ability and power to change the Program at will.  Consciousness is relative.  We all run many Programs “without thinking,” ranging from breathing, to brushing our teeth, to anything and everything we react to emotionally.  And we all have some degree of Consciousness – we can choose to hold our breath, to not brush our teeth, or to examine our emotional reactions.  The notion that only humans have Consciousness is pure Ego.  Everyone has Consciousness, including the Universes.

“I wonder if I was born with a destiny as honorable as this young man?”

Of course you was.  We all were.  We just need to be careful with that concept of Honor.  The Age of Heroes was the Age of Aries.  We’re entering the Age of Aquarius, which is the Age of Collaboration.  We still carry around a lot of programming from the Age of Aries, and it would  behoove us all to choose to examine our emotions when that programming arises.

Down to the tiniest thought that manifests almost as quickly as one thinks it.  Does it work that way for everyone and they are not conscious of their ability to manifest?

Complex, even paradoxical.  Everybody’s the same, but everybody’s different.  Contradiction is a property of the observing mind’s limitations, not a property of the observed Universe.  (As are Free Will and Programming, by the way – if All there is, is Now, then anything time-dependent becomes mass hallucination.)  Also, remember that it’s always Both/And, never Either/Or, though bear in mind that never and always are political words.  Political is the adjective form of Power, and Power is a synonym for Ego.  The realization that it’s always Both/And, never Either/Or just happens to be a useful manipulation, and utility is a useful guide to what to keep and what to toss.

Some folks are more sensitive to the manifestation process.  Some folks seem to be running Programs that are so far from Consciousness (ability to change Programs) that they seem irredeemable.  Goethe said those who can be redeemed are those who are always striving.  Many seem stuck in Victim.  On the other hand, we used to observe while playing card games that a string of Bad Luck didn’t change until you complained about it.  And any given Perennial Victim could be Monkey #101, and could shift in a Flash if we persist with our work as Monkeys #1-100.  Just a matter of putting together enough repetitions to create a new Archetype.  I once asked a group, How long must one do the Ghost Dance till one gives up and accepts things as they are? And the answer that came back was, As long as it takes.

“Focusing too much on what I dislike and not enough on what I appreciate and/or desire.”

Yes, always a temptation for our Victim Archetypes.  There is a strong Archetype that we are defined by our Righteous Indignation.  Where I’m moving to, the neighboring village is named Wauna.  I’ve so wanted a Wauna mailing address, but I’m thinking, no, that’s probably not a good idea.  That’s where I’ve been, stuck in Wanna.  I wanna move to Getta.  Having is quite different from Wanting.   I think that warm feeling that we get when we imagine already having what we want, is the place where the energy is most friendly to receiving.

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