Portraits of Pluto

We was too sudden.  Just this morning, NASA publishes the latest and bestest Hubble shots of everyone’s favorite Dwarf Planet, with photo credits to NASA/ESA/SWRI, whatever that is.  The link has stories.

Pluto by Hubble

They also include a channeled drawing of what it might feel like to see things through Pluto’s eyes, including a lovely crescent of its own huge (relative to Pluto) Moon Charon.  Photo credit for this one is “ESO/L Casçada.”  That tiny dot out there is our Sun.

The View from Pluto

Remember Charon, the ferryman who ferries us across the River Styx?  One of our daily Choices is “3) release and let go of realities that no longer serve us.” That’s what the River Styx is about, and that’s what Pluto’s about, letting go and moving on.  In the Tarot, this process is the twelfth (the Hanged Man) and thirteenth (Death/Rebirth) stages.  The 12th is about recognizing our inertial limitations, by hanging upside down so we see things differently.  Twelve reduces to 3 – Love with Wisdom.  The 13th step is the actual release, and the alchemical transformation which this produces.  Thirteen reduces to 4 – Dominion, or healthy control.

Notice in the Hubbleshots that Pluto is very tidily round.  That’s what distinguishes a Dwarf Planet from a mere Asteroid – a Dwarf Planet has enough mass to create sufficient gravity to pull itself into a round ball as it spins, while an Asteroid is just a big Rock.  The only other Dwarf Planet anywhere near our neighborhood is Ceres (Sustainability/Sustenance), the largest Asteroid between Mars and Jupiter.  Pallas, Juno, and Vesta are ‘roids.  The Astropowers That Be felt they had to create this new Dwarf Planet category because they keep finding more Dwarf Planets waaaay out beyond Pluto.

The folks who freaked out about “demoting” Pluto to Dwarf status made a serious faux pas, insulting the Dwarves, who, after all, are the human-friendliest dwellers of the Underworld, which is Pluto’s realm anyway.  Think Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Minerals, Crystals, Metals.  Not a good collection of Energies to be at odds with.  I wouldn’t hurt to take a few minutes to apologize to these Allies, apologizing for the ignorance of those other humanoids.  Shift Happens, but it doesn’t have to be adversarial.

Konigsbergite, or natural Mercury-Silver Amalgam

In terms of diameter, Pluto is two-thirds as big as our Moon.  Charon is about half the size of Pluto, and Ceres is a little smaller than Charon.  Our Home Planet is four times as big as our Moon.  If we take Charon to be 1, then Ceres is almost 1, Pluto is 2, our Moon is 3, Mercury is 4, Mars is 5, Earth and Venus are 11, Uranus and Neptune are 45, Saturn is 100, and Jupiter is 120.  The Sun is 1200.  Chiron is neither an Asteroid nor a Dwarf Planet, but what the astronomers call a Centaur – there’s a bunch of them between Saturn and Uranus, and they’re more like captured Comets than ‘roids.  Chiron would span one fifth of Charon’s width.  Among the other major Asteroids, Pallas and Vesta are one half of Charon’s width, and Juno one fourth.

In esoteric Irish tradition, the “Little People” is an euphemism – in their influence they’re actually giants.  We could compare the sizes of the planetary bodies to homeopathy – the smaller they are, the bigger they are.


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