Stone Full of Light

I know, that is an amazing photo, at the beginning of Getting Real, isn’t it!  It’s a Baltic Amber, so it’s a Plant Spirit as well as a Stone Spirit.  I’m not yet lucky (if that’s the right word) enough to have Stones talk to me, I feel them instead.  For choosing Stones for a specific purpose, when I don’t do it intuitively, most of the time I use one of two books, because of all the books I’ve used, the descriptions in these two most closely match my own experiences of the Stones.  We always need to choose channeled material so that we resonate with it while it also expands us.

In this case, I chose this picture because Dorothy Roeder in her Crystal Co-Creators says that

Amber is a connector between Humanity and the Plant and Animal kingdoms in physical existence.  It removes confusion and imbalance among the bodies.  It helps the emotional body accept its place in physical existence and functions as a connector within the four-body system.  It can be very useful in helping you to feel more secure as a part of physical existence.

which sounded very relevant in context, and because the photo does a great job of capturing the Light in the Stone.  By and large, Red Stones are considered grounding, as Red is a Root-Chakra color.  But that’s a reductive viewpoint; Reds can be anywhere.

The second book I use most is Collen Marquist and Jack Frasl’s Crystalline Communion 2000. Of course a person can’t get by without Medody’s Love Is in the Earth, because it covers exponentially more territory than either of my favorites.  And Michael Gienger’s Crystal Power, Crystal Healing contains a number of wonderful perspectives that no one else does.

Collen and Jack tell us that

Amber strengthens tissues of the brain and nervous system, and draws toxins from body tissues.  It purifies the etheric body by absorbing negative energy.


It is a stone dedicated to the connection of the conscious self to universal perfection.  It helps one in the art of manifestation to bring that which is desired to the state of reality.  It stimulates the intellect and opens the crown chakra.  It also transmutes the energy of physical vitality toward the activation of unconditional love.

And Michael (slightly edited),

Amber encourages a nature which appears gentle and pliable, but is actually very self-confident.  It makes the wearer spontaneous and open but a respecter of tradition at the same time.  It is the source of easily obtained success.  Amber dissolves oppositions, making us more flexible, and encourages creativity.  Motivation arises from personal wish fulfillment that will often become the main drive in our lives.  Amber enhances healing of wounds.

Words are useful, but doesn’t it take a lot of them to convey what a glance at the Stone, or even the picture, can send?  Fabeku‘s been trying to get me to abandon this kinda booklarnin’ for years, but I’m too dense.

Now, speaking of healing wounds, with regard to

What is Chiron-Neptune telling us right now, in this very moment of time, about how we can finally step out of this critically-wounded aspect reality and into a new place where this particular wound is no longer central to our lives?  Does healing the wound involve ministering to it directly, or removing our thought focus from it entirely, under the premise that what we focus on becomes our reality?  What is Chiron/Neptune telling us about how to respond to this collective wound that Joe so obviously pointed our attention toward, if we were paying attention to the big picture instead of the particular little  parts that allow us to feel gloriously RIGHT?

This, I think, is core.  Here are some of the things I know.

The new energy extends rather than replaces what we already know well (Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl).

It’s not that we will transform the culture, it’s that the culture will be transformed.  A successful strategy will be about surviving well amidst the changes, not trying to direct the changes (Chiron-Neptune in the Aquarius dwad of Aquarius).

The approach that will work, to help us survive well, is Just Fix It – our survival must be approached from the simplest possible perspective (Pluto in Capricorn).

One of the core characteristics of the Century is consciousness of sustainability (Ceres Rising in the 1/1/2000 chart).

2012, along with whatever else is in store for us, involves trusting our individual Soul purpose and allowing ourselves to be our True Self as much as possible, and operating intuitively as much as possible (see Uranus-Pluto).

So I don’t believe there is one answer to this wound question which applies to everyone.  There are as many answers as there are Souls.  Conformity will no longer have survival value, and attention devoted to anyone else’s survival is misplaced, except in the case where our Soul-connection to that person means that we’re sharing the same Path for a while.  Notice I said that person, not those people.  Groups will be temporary, assembled for a specific purpose, change membership frequently, and dissolve on their own.  In other words, Ayn Rand was right, but she was right about our personal directions, not about our economic regulations.

Knowing Truth, you can use your own judgment to discriminate between my personal bias, my own projections, information that many not apply to you, and information that is useful to you.  Pick and choose.  I’m just sayin’.

So, my conclusion from all that, is that any focus on the external is a projection of the internal.  We heal the external by healing the internal, like Gandhi said.  Eugene Gendlin had an extremely important insight about this.  Just because we see a cruel and angry World, that doesn’t mean we have to seek and destroy all cruelty and anger within ourself.  If we don’t like the cruel and angry World we see, then we ask ourself, what is it about ourself that we don’t like, especially having something to do with cruelty or anger?  It’s not about the cruelty and anger – that’s the intellectual content that’s the smokescreen which shelters us from the black emptiness beyond our Birdcage.

It’s loving and gentle to allow ourselves the safety of our Birdcage.  Sitting in judgment is not loving and gentle, but it keeps us Safe.  So we change the World by being loving and gentle with our judgment.  Not our judgment of what’s “wrong” with the external World – that’s part of the smokescreen – but our judgment of ourself.  What part of ourself is it that we judge?  The external World is a funhouse mirror – it’s seldom a clear mirror, because it’s seldom a clear projection.  It’s always contaminated with other people’s material, especially that of our ancestors and other significant elders from our formative years, and contaminated with archetypes from the Collective.

“Contamination” equals trance.  We were literally hypnotized by our parents’ programming, and by our culture’s programming.  So it’s very difficult to see even the simplest elements of our own projections.  So Gendlin’s insight was that we can never be certain about our self-judgments, and that we need to take the external-World mirror with a very large grain of salt.  In other words, if we have a dream where someone is violent with us, or we live in a World that violates people, then yes, we can look for something that looks sorta like violence in ourself, and rather than trying to be its opposite, then moving a little bit in that direction.

So okay, we see injustice and violence in the World.  Then we Ask, is there some part of myself that I don’t provide full justice to? Then we change the subject, or use what if I did know – what’s the first thing that comes to mind, whether it seems related or not?  Maybe we think of the time we saw someone mistreating their kid at the grocery store and we didn’t speak up and regretted it later.  So rather than

vowing henceforth always to speak up at injustice,

we decide to

take one situation a week, first ask whether we’d be safe speaking up, then ask whether the result might be constructive, then pray to speak in a way that is loving and gentle but clearly communicates, and then ask if we feel like it at the moment, and then, if all systems are go, to speak up.

That’s what we mean by moving a little bit in that direction.

It’s not easy to make up examples that might be useful to many readers, and also speak directly to you, Mel, so we turn to our primary helper on speaking in a manner that allows us to be clear and understood, which is a Manganotantalite crystal:Manganotantalite, Manganese Tantalum OxideManganotantalite crystals are used to set the radio frequency in your cellphone.  It’s our contention that gazing at the photo can have some of the same effect as holding or gazing at the Stone itself.  The Stone is a homeopathic – it’s the frequency of the Stone that carries it’s influence, and a good photo can convey the frequency, at least to some extent.  Actually, if it’s truly homeopathic, the more dilute the photo of the Stone, the greater its impact – see if squinting helps.

Like homeopathy, the aim is not to remove the symptom, but to change the root cause of the larger dysfunction.  Like our earlier spectrum of commentary on Amber, and as you point out so well, there’s a larger and wholer issue occurring than our narrow wordpoints pick out.  The Stone moves us into our bodies, where we can integrate with more systems than just the mindbone.

Several people have postulated that the Planet will split in two, energetically, in 2012.  It may be more true that the Planet energetically splits into many.  In a multidimensional World with a foundation of energy rather than hardcopy matter, this isn’t far-fetched at all.  The reflection into matter of such an energetic shift could take many forms, including several that look like severe woundedness.  I’ll have to add a post on Uranus in Pisces, because Uranus in Pisces changes our empathy, and changes our Integrity.

To me, trying to have a direct impact on other people’s Reality is dangerous, from the perspective of Responsibility.  That’s the integrity error of the Greedheads and their screaming “anti-socialist” dupes that Jim Hightower speaks of, and the integrity error that Obama makes when he tries to ram a dysfunctional sick-insurance system down the throats of people who have no use for an allopathic “medicine” that obeys the Hypocritical Oath to above all do no harm to the profits of Big Pharma and the income of surgical hyperspecialists.  But more on this later.


2 Responses to “Stone Full of Light”

  1. Mel Says:

    I am suddenly reminded to mention something important shared by Eric Francis, another great astrologer whose work has helped shaped my transformation over the past decade. In the paid 2010 annual forecast for Scorpio, he said this:

    To navigate the shift that is underway easily, “feel deeply into your senses for any sign of heat or movement. Look carefully for what actually responds to your awareness: for what speaks to you directly and wants to exchange energy with you. What responds to your presence is what’s truly part of you.”

    Pretty simple…look for what responds to your awareness…yet an incredibly powerful tool for HOW to maneuver the shifting energies that surround us. Though this advice was offered directly to Scorpio, it is absolutely for us all.

    As if to test of this theory, I followed my initial opening conversation with Jim on the subject of Joe Stack by throwing out the same conversation line in a few other mainstream-type outlets (not news sites, but places where people gather to discuss). Even though hundreds of people were wildly commenting on the subject at hand in these places, what I threw out elicited zero response. Armed with Eric’s advice, I wasted no further time in these places that were not responding to me…and I turned my full attention to Jim’s world, where I was undoubtedly receiving a response to my awareness. As a result of utilizing Eric’s trusty advice, I found all that I was seeking in relatively short order, and without wasting energy needlessly.

    Thanks for giving me such a wonderfully simple shifting tool to use and share, Eric and

  2. astrobuss Says:

    Thanks for including the link – Eric has a wonderfully fresh perspective.

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