Mel says,

Yes, yes, yes…excellent insights and just what I was looking for, especially this blatantly simple, direct explanation of the HOW TO:

“…take one situation a week, first ask whether we’d be safe speaking up, then ask whether the result might be constructive, then pray to speak in a way that is loving and gentle but clearly communicates, and then ask if we feel like it at the moment, and then, if all systems are go, to speak up.”

Thank you for including HOW, in addition to WHAT. I can tell you that I will come back to this post repeatedly in the days to come. And that I will do my best to REMIND YOU, as requested, in the days leading up to your publishing of the long post in your queue that continues the story. What is your targeted time frame for getting around to this post, so I can time my reminders to something besides thin air?

The stone provided with this essay is magnificent, and I can feel its energy clearly. I will spend more time partaking of this stone’s energy via the picture provided, and I appreciate your great suggestion to squint when looking at it.

Reading about the Baltic Amber was terrific, and thanks for the leads on great stone-related written material. It’s no wonder that I felt such a huge connection to the Amber, since it’s a Stone Spirit and since the ancestor’s on my mother’s side are literally named Stone. Clearly, I carry the stone spirit in my life’s blueprint. As a Scorpion, stones also represent my preferred hiding places where I can rest, rejuvenate, and wait out the “heat of the day” until conditions are right for my productive and comfortable re-emergence.

As for the crown-chakra opening properties of the amber, this opening of mine is already the size of a gargantuan pipe…a ‘condition’ that seems to cause as much trouble as it solves, but that I still wouldn’t trade away for anything. Perhaps it is my ancestral Stone connection that created this condition in the first place, based on this particular explanation of the Stone Spirit’s properties. Whatever…I intend to get my hands on a piece of this stone.

Giant hugs to you for directing some of your flow to my questions! As we know, all the answers already surround us in their entirety…the only thing missing is the questions that will reveal them. I’m always at the ready with good questions, but this is worthless unless the right receivers are in place to pick up on their exact frequency. You’ve done a fine job of receiving my questions to expose the answers held within them.

I better make a list of queued posts.  Easy to lose track in the torrent.

It’s a lot more pleasant to keep all of our Chakras open equally, especially Crown-Root and Heart-Solar Plexus (“mind” actually resides energetically in the third or Solar Plexus Chakra), but all of them really.  Intention is one method, or visualizing, or working with someone who sees energy.  Adjusting any of the Chakras, whether opening them more or closing them more, can involve some physical or emotional pain, so it’s great to have an adjunct like Tapping to use while you’re adjusting.  Loving and gentle and We have all the time in the World are good background music for the process.

A while back I used to, unintentionally, alternate between wide-open Heart and wide-open Solar Plexus when dealing with a particularly difficult person in my life.  Once I started learning more about energy, I decided to try keeping both Heart and Solar Plexus open wide while talking to them on the phone.  They had no idea how to deal with me – I could tell how puzzled they were.  And I sat there sweating like a pig (no lipstick) during the whole conversation.  It wasn’t discomfort of the sort we usually associate with Stress, but it sure was a state that my body didn’t know what to do with!  A great resource for Chakra exercises is Julie Henderson’s book The Lover Within.

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