An addendum.  Here are two additional Texas viewpoints related to the Joe Phenomenon that I think add important perspectives, one on Corporate Money, and the other on Ralph Nader.


One Response to “Rotor”

  1. Mel Says:

    Oooh, oooh, oooh! I read the Jim Hightower piece earlier today–at least, the portion available to non-subscribers. But I didn’t know about Nader’s latest work, and just reading about it is tremendously exciting! Thanks for the hot tip, Jim…I’ll be directly connecting to what Ralph is working on via the link you’ve provided here. Great stuff, utmost thanks for your many gifts.

    I must also remember to thank Alice Miller, who I have corresponded with over the past 7 years, and who told me to read your work quite some time ago — because you are dynamite with the metaphors of astrological interpretation and synthesis.

    My brain, which is often tired from wrestling with the confusion we have spoken of, appreciates the simplicity you’ve offered around Chiron’s interaction with the system. Looking forward to the long piece that continues the discussion, for sure.

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