Helicopter Trips

I’ll do this in a series of short posts.

First, though, I want to point out that Greg Braden‘s giving a free interview on his new book, Fractal Time, starting Wednesday at 9am PST.  In this Science for Life series, all interviews are recorded so you can play them back free any time.

One thing you describe, Mel (I feel completely torn about whether…), is what I used to call a helicopter trip – loop, loop, loop ad infinitum.  I used to spend most of my time there, and I can still make several loops before I catch myself.  This happens when we have two conceptualizations about the nature of Reality that seem to conflict, and they argue with one another.  I was helicoptering across campus one day when a fellow student noticed my vortex and stopped to talk.  He simply pointed out that linear time is a trance, it’s not real.  Shook me right out of the helicopter.

Last I heard of this fellow, he was heading a foundation to welcome visitors from other Planets.  Men in Black is still my favorite documentary.  Not that I expect this will be helpful to you – it’s just the story of my first helicopter-stopping event.  It was many years and adventures later, I believe when I spent a year with Angeles Arrien’s Tarot Handbook while I was Recovering my Intuition, that I came to realize that dualities exist only in the mind.  Consequently, conflict and contradiction exist only in the mind, not in Reality.

So exactly that feeling, of being completely torn, is the very cue we need to drop out of the Head.  Lotsa places we can go instead – Heart, Belly, Root.  Out of Thought and into Emotion and/or Intuition, or Guidance.  A useful place for What if I did know.  A great time to go meta as my First Teacher called it – that is, step up onto the cloud that’s floating above the helicopter, and ask ourself what the Eagle up there sees.  From that place, we can PIAVA (Pray or Intend or Ask or Visualize or Affirm) that we approach a little closer to Reality itself so we can see the real issue, then change the subject. Or do it Fritz’s way, and put the two contestants into two chairs, while we sit back and watch them try to negotiate a win-win. Or walk a block with one contestant facing forward and the other in the same space facing backward, then switch.

All that’s fairly cryptic – lemme know if you want more stories about any of the techniques in that list.  Any one of them can make years of helicoptering stop dead, and literally change our life in an instant.

I first discovered that I was trapped in the Head, when I took the quiz in David Keirsey’s Please Understand Me and noticed that there were two people answering – an honest one for internal use only, and a carefully crafted one for public consumption.  Whoa!  That was a Stopper!  Fortunately (coincidentally, right?), it was Pluto-in-Scorpio time, and Recovery was in full bloom.  So I spent the next five years Recovering my Emotions.  You know the drill, once in Recovery, always in Recovery; like the rest of Life, it’s an ongoing process, not an event.  Once I integrated a little, I discovered that I was also in dire need of Recovering my Intuitions.  Still working on that too, obviously.

Now, the second big insight for me in the helicopter chain (holding the idea of them both at the  same time quickly generates massive confusion) was that Confusion means we’ve escaped from the birdcage of Limiting Beliefs that keeps us Safe but Frozen.  Not even sure where I learned that one – Fritz?  Maybe Jack Rosenberg.   I used to get angry every time I got confused.  That was a great way to keep myself Safe.

So yes, confusion is exactly where you want to be.  It means you’re growing beyond the helicopters.  Now, we need a strategy for getting comfortable with it.  Tapping would be fab.  Just creating the habit of being loving and gentle with it could work.  Locating it in your body and immersing all of your Attention into it’s dark center could disarm it.  Recognize its kinship with Fear, and embrace it as you would a frightened child.  Of course it’s always both/and – attend to your physical Safety first, then blow yer mind.  Pull off the freeway before you try to expand your Consciousness.

The genesis approach can sometimes be useful, because it can allow us to be loving with our Inner Child – who is the one that’s confused after all.  My own helicopter patterns were generated by parents whose own childhood did not allow them to accept real parts of myself.  When I was myself in certain ways, they couldn’t handle the regression, so not knowing better, they punished me.  My response was to develop a completely insoluble helicopter trip about whether they were wrong to punish me, or I was wrong to be me, and I spent most of the next 40 years perfecting my helicopter.

Genesis is always relative, never absolute, so even though we often pass through a Blame stage when Recovering an aspect of our Inner Kidderoo, Blame is not the destination.  Of course our childhood traumas are but mirrors for “past life” traumas, or practice sessions for our mission on the Planet, or exercises in developing the competence we came here to externalize.  Any specific acute or chronic childhood event or process is just a metaphor.

Again, all that’s pretty cryptic; more stories on request.

Now, how does all this relate to Chiron?  It’ll be next week before I get to it, but there’s a long post in the queue about the relationships between Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, and the Harmonic Convergence.  Remind me.  Plus, another long post on how Chiron rules Virgo, and how Virgo does not have an honored place in Western society, unless your childhood hero is Mrs. Grundy.  Remind me.

Briefly, Chiron in its 50-year orbit goes out and touches the orbit of Uranus (Individual Unconscious or Soul), then comes back within the orbit of Saturn (Identity, our Birdcage).  Chiron is actually closer to the Sun and Earth than Saturn is for a good portion of it’s journey.  Now, Chiron is probably a captured Comet, and dancing as it does with the orbits of these two Gas Giants, its orbit is probably far from permanent.  Either one of them could easily fling it into the Sun or into Oblivion, if it happened to cross their orbit while one of them was passing by.  Planets are very territorial.  So our Earthbound opportunity to accept the Grace of this Cosmic Healer is precious.

So Chiron goes out and picks up a packet from our Soul, the energy imprint of what we’re ready to grow into next and brings it back to offer it to our current Identity Set as an easy way to add rooms to our Birdcage.  We just need to be present with the Confusion and Fear that live in the blackness and gravitylessness of Space while we’re outside the Cage pouring the new foundation.  That’s why we get to see the pictures of these Spacewalkers repairing the Hubble – that’s what we need to do with our own Birdcages, and while we’re doing it we need to be very loving and gentle and thorough with how we tether ourself to the Olde Cage, lest HAL send us away.

Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl.

And the real possibility of a psychotic break – for better or worse – if we aren’t loving and gentle with how our current Identity Set opens the window to too much Unconscious Content at once.  Like Susan Boyle caterwauling in the airport – a totally precious event in a World of Freedom, but highly condemned by the Corporate energies of Lawn Order – which energies are so often internalized by parents and others as the very mechanism to keep their own Birdcage from bursting open.

So yes, if we allow the mindbone to grab hold of this Safety or a new Sunroom dilemma that Chiron continually offers us, we can lose many of ourSelves in building fabulous helicopter gunships – Apaches and Blackhawks and even Ospreys O My.  The mindbone doesn’t have a loving and gentle option.  We need to drop into the Heart to find that.

In most cases a conflict between two courses of action can’t be resolved by action.  The Eagle up above usually points out that it’s not about doing one thing or another, it’s actually about being someone else entirely.  The doing that’s called for is to build that new Sunroom, so the new Identities that are begging for liberation can live in peace and prosperity.  Which leads us to the whole Abrahamic mirror thing.  Not that the Abrahams or the Hicks’s created it, they just PRed the heck out of it, and good for them.

So, what we promote here, is to encourage us to open up the Sunroom, with tapping and/or any combination of the simple magic tricks we describe, so our new Identities can have their peace and prosperity mirrored back to us.

Short, he said?  Well, he tried.  That’s post number 1.

I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’m sure the Steve Wells interview on Unlocking Your Hidden Power: How Your Identity Shapes Your Reality in the World Tapping Summit series complements this post very well.  Unfortunately, it’s no longer free, as they post two new interviews every day.  If you happened to upgrade to the downloads or CDs, I recommend it.

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One Response to “Helicopter Trips”

  1. Mel Says:

    Bravo! Nothing here is cryptic–i grok it all, and every bit of it helps me with my dilemma. Helicoptering indeed, and it’s reassuring to feel supported in my inclination to just allow the confusion to do its work, by being the confusion. I hope to say more on this post soon, but for now, it answered my former questions superbly.

    On to the next posts and looking forward to the long post in your queue, but it seems like I can’t leave this one without asking a new question of some kind. Something that represents a total change of subject. Here’s one: You know where my home base is…where’s yours?

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