Head to Heart

Well, Mel, you force us into drastic action.  First, we have to move from Head to Heart to read your response, let alone reply.  Thank you for that.  Second, we’ll drop the editorial we.  Ain’t no editorial we in the Heart, only in the Head.  Third, your response has reshuffled my approach to life, so I’m regarding this whole encounter as prime Chiron-Neptune energy.  Fourth, everything you say makes absolute sense, and matches my own values.  Fifth, okay, I get it, political.  That puts Martyr Joe on the same level as the Palestinians, and while from my limited viewpoint I don’t see us as nearly so oppressed as the Palestinians are, it is clear that Justice is no longer blind at all, it’s Congress that is.  Obama made an effort to explain a health-care proposal today, so at least we know he’s listening.

Three related stories present themselves, one from the incipient Chiron-Neptune Cycle, one from the previous Cycle, and one from a couple of years ago.  Last night I listened to Carol Look’s audio on Abundance, in the first day of the Tapping World Summit series.  She put quite a bit of emphasis on the sources of our Limiting Beliefs, and I tapped obediently, though she didn’t trigger any strong emotions for me.  That opportunity is under the bridge, but Carol does offer a free newsletter that covers the same ground.  Currently (free till 5pm PST Tuesday), Steve Wells is giving a free session on Unlocking Your Hidden Power: How Your Identity Shapes Your Reality and Judy Byrne one on Healing the Critical Internal Voice.

Both of the two previous Chiron-Neptune Cycles began with economic recessions.  My father built Liberty Ships during World War II, and he was very much caught, with three young children, in the 1945 Chiron-Neptune recession.  Between the time when the shipyards closed and the time I left for college, the town I grew up in lost half its population.  The town of equal size across the river was literally washed away in a flood a few years later, and never rebuilt.  (People had some time to escape, so few drowned.)  My father didn’t leave, but instead cycled from job to layoff and back for the next twenty years, building tugboats, tankers, dams, and whatever would put food on the table.

A coupla years ago I took a workshop on Irish folk magic by RJ Stewart.  The foundational concept is that only a collaboration of the Fairies, the Animals, and the Humans can restore the Planet.  None of the three can do it by themself, and in the process the Humans follow, they don’t lead.  The related book included a CD of guided meditations, one of which introduced me to some of my other-dimensional guides.  Their appearance during the meditation was more what if I did know than cinemascope.  I listened to the CD in my car when I had a few extra minutes prior to an appointment.

When I returned to my car, there was a flyer on the windshield for a free showing of The Corporation, several days hence.  I went.  The sponsors wanted folks to stay for a consciousness-raising after the showing.  I couldn’t, I was too busy imagining how I’d have to reorganize my life if I went back to the protest barricades.  As I left the showing I walked past a storm-sewer grate.  At the bottom of the grate was one of my guides from the meditation, a 7-foot Green Fellow.  I saw him with an other vision, but this time it was definitely cinemascope!  The message he transmitted in an instant, was it’s not like that any more.  From there to my car, with each step, even on a paved sidewalk, I could feel the Planet breathing.

At another workshop I related the story to RJ.  I expected he might humor me a little, at least not call me crazy.  Instead, he launched into a story of his own, about manning the anti-nuclear barricades in England in the 1960s, and how six women who tried to start an environmental movement in the 1920s were hounded out of England.  They moved to California and started a meditation circle that initiated the energy vortex that fifty years later became the American environmental movement.  It was clear to me from my Green Friend’s transmission that we now need to work on that level, not on the barricades.  Whether that’s also your level or not, Mel, I dunno.

I didn’t know that EMTs “happened to be” picnicking just across the street from Joe’s target.  When you mentioned this, though I’ve only seen a few pictures of the building, what occurred to me, as with the Pentagon 9/11 pictures, was where’s the plane? Are any traces of it visible in pictures you’ve seen, or evidence of wings or tail?  I’m well aware of who might have staged 9/11 – their manifestos were clear.  But who might have motivation to stage this?  The Tea Party?

Jung’s premonitions of World War were in his dreams, not in the movies or Fox News.  I have a hard time seeing the corporate media as manifestations of the Unconscious.  It’s too easy to see them as manipulations of the Consciousness of the Lizards, preying on our vulnerability to Fear.  Who planned the 3-day delay between the Haiti earthquake and the arrival of aid?  The TV cameras could get there to show us how helpless we are, but not to help?  The Lizard program is straight out of the Goebbels playbook, augmented by NLP.  We know it works.

But the problem with conspiracy theories is that they’re all rhetorical – they appeal not to our common sense (which by the way I find closer to intuition than to C&E) but to our pre-existing Beliefs.  Did Jung interpret his conflagration dreams before War broke out?  Or did he develop the notion of the Collective Unconscious after connecting the then-current reality of War with his prior dreams?  I’ve forgotten, but I’m guessing it was the latter.  Forty years ago the media was more reliable as a reflection of external reality.  Today it reflects only what the Corporations want us to believe.

I won’t preach at hardship.  I don’t know whether the tools offered here will be useful for any given person at any given time on any given issue.  I often think of Freud the Taurus, Jung the Leo, and Scorpios Adler and Reich – they all looked at the same phenomena and projected their own very different preconceptions into them.  My First Teacher taught that Truth resides in the Heart, in each individual’s Heart, and it’s not subject to debate.

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