Getting Real

Baltic AmberWow again!  Thanks, Mel!

Here’s Mel’s response, in full.  The only change I’ve made is to add a few new paragraph breaks, to make reading easier in this indented format.

Okay, now we’re talking Jim!  I thank you for your choice to show up very personally,  instead of hiding behind the editorial We that has the effect of depersonalizing the  conversation and inviting more of the mental masturbation that most people are engaged  in.  In titling your post Heart to Head, you have acknowledged the impact I hoped to  create from the beginning.  In fact, you have acknowledged me and everything I stand for,  which is a gift of the highest order.

Your opening paragraph alone fulfills my heart’s Chironic desire in talking about Joe  Stack in the first place:  to assist in getting others unstuck from the grooves they have  worn into their thinking patterns, in favor of of the vast and all-encompassing awareness  resident in their hearts (aka the systems view, if using mental terms to describe this  state).

And since I’m talking to an astrologer here, I will also offer another key piece of  information:  you are talking to a woman born with Chiron retro in Aquarius in the 3rd,  which goes so much further in explaining the nature of my drive to communicate about the  particular collective wound Joe’s act is pointing at with utmost urgency.

I read your very first sentence with great delight, as it brings this entire discussion  full circle.  “Well, Mel, you force us into drastic action”.  This is exactly  what Joe Stack gave as his motivation for doing what he did.  So now, you are coming from  the same place he did — even if your choice of action is entirely different.  Common  ground between you, me and Joe has been established.  The common thread that I mentioned  as needing to be unearthed in general is now on the table.  Good work, Jim!

This common thread represents the challenge faced by all individuals within our society  in this moment.  As we watch the sinister circus acts unfolding under the big tent – and  in way too many “rings” to take in at once –  we “ring” our hands and  hope some drastic act will appear in one of the rings that finally forces some of the  changes we feel ill-equipped to confront or take on effectively ourselves.  We hope it  will play out in front of us, rather than within us.

Joe made himself a symbol of the  drastic action we all secretly hope for, and I honor him for this sacrifice.  Those who  are unable or unwilling to step up higher than their mental grooves, to acknowledge that  their own heart secretly longs for drastic action that appears out there in one of the  rings, are actually more deluded than they are most certainly claiming Joe to be.  He at  least acknowledged his own heart’s urgings, by becoming the action himself.

Speaking only for myself now, and for the first time in this conversation, I feel  completely torn about whether my own soul’s task is to shine light into the existing  darkness of others’ hearts to show them what lives there — or to focus the light of my  awareness purely on creating visions of what a heart-centered world would look and feel  like.

These are two radically different aims, and holding the idea of them both at the  same time quickly generates massive confusion; since the larger part of knowing what we  DO want involves developing a clear view of what we DON’T want, it seems necessary to  look closely at what is wrong with the current picture.  Problem is, looking at what I  DON’T want seems to trigger my Chironic urge to take on the collective wound in a direct  way, which sends visions of a better way into the back seat.  And round and round it  goes.

The most difficult part of this personal struggle is my sense of knowing that it  shouldn’t be such a struggle.  I look to my natal Chiron placement as the main instigator  of my dilemma, and try like hell to understand where it is trying to guide me personally,  today.  When combined with my 11th house Scorpio sun, this particular intensity glows  even hotter.

This is why I specifically choose to open a discussion about Joe’s act with  an astrologer:  the promise of a larger cycle and archetype-oriented conversational  palette, combined with pure selfish interest in learning more about what Chiron is trying  to tell me personally, right now, about the dilemma I’m struggling with.  A dilemma that  was so perfectly depicted by Joe’s action:  take drastic action against what IS, or  ignore it entirely and focus on what CAN BE, which also involves drastic action in the  form of ignoring reality altogether.

You have touched on my dilemma directly, in your mention of the friend who quietly  focused on giving birth to the environmental movement, when confronting the reality that  society was not ready to accept in-your-face calls to drastic change.  I hope you will  speak even more directly and specifically about what the current Chiron action is telling  us in this regard.  I am absolutely asking for guidance in understanding this transit, in  the context of the dilemma I have described here.

To answer your additional questions about the crash itself:  yes, the wreckage of the  plane is clearly visible in the building’s face.  This one involves no hints at  conspiracy, and what you see is what you get.  It’s worth noting however, that  immediately after the crash, rumors circulated that the FBI knew this was about to happen  and that this was the reason all the first responders were already in place (Haz Mat,  Fire, EMT, Police, FBI…all sitting together in respond mode across the street when Joe  made impact).  These rumors died as quickly as they began, and didn’t live nearly as long  or spread as far as new rumors typically do.  Then, we were informed about the training  exercise that was underway at that time.  As a person with an unfailing ability to  recognize truth in the moment I hear it, I heard truth in this reporting and knew without  a doubt that an amazing example of higher forces at work was at hand.

In fact, it was this truth–this beautiful example of divine protection being associated  with Joe’s action–that caused me to look much deeper than I might have for the real  questions being highlighted by Joe’s explosive sacrifice of his own life.  I wish to use  this shocking event in the most personal and positive manner possible, by understanding  what it is showing us…and I believe the biggest clue relates to the Chiron/Neptune  connections.

Other than as a means of opening conversation, who cares how this action of Joe’s relates  to historical events, or media bias, or political affiliations, or any other small part  of the whole?  What is it telling us right now, in this very moment of time, about how we  can finally step out of this critically-wounded aspect reality and into a new place where  this particular wound is no longer central to our lives?

Does healing the wound involve  ministering to it directly, or removing our thought focus from it entirely, under the  premise that what we focus on becomes our reality?  What is Chiron/Neptune telling us  about how to respond to this collective wound that Joe so obviously pointed our attention  toward, if we were paying attention to the big picture instead of the particular little  parts that allow us to feel gloriously RIGHT?

I can’t close without saying, “thanks for hanging in there with me Jim”.  It’s  not a simple nor an easy conversation to drive forward, but in my view, there is such  great potential available if we take it on.

I’ll post this as is, and reply in several separate posts, in order to keep the window open while I write.

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4 Responses to “Getting Real”

  1. Mel Says:

    I will read the follow-on posts–but this one begs a question in the worst way: what can you tell me about the stone pictured at the top? I like lots of detail, when it comes to understanding the nature of stones (my ancestors were Stones), and this particular heart stone is full of light, and is breathtaking in the life it contains. Wish I could hold it, but I’ll settle for learning everything you know about it.

  2. Mel Says:

    To wind that helicopter up even more, my natal moon is sitting there right next to Chiron in Aquarius. Oh, the stories our charts tell when they talk.

  3. Kelly Says:


    Just WOW in so many ways. Thank you Jim. Thank you Mel. This dialog feeds a part of me that can’t even yet form sound or words.

    Thus the wow.

    • Mel Says:

      I have long been a person who doesn’t need food in order to feel ‘fed’. What feeds me thoroughly is knowing that my questions have impacted the hearts of others in a powerful and useful way. These are not just some flowery words that sound and feel good…these words are the absolute truth of the reality I have been living for my entire life. Needless to say, I stay on the thin side : }

      So Kelly, your comment just fed me both breakfast and lunch (it’s 1:45 pm here in Austin, and I haven’t yet found the time to feed myself via shoving food in my mouth, as I’ve been too busy today feeding myself in my preferred manner). Thanks for the meal you offered…it was delicious and satisfying!

      It’s great to have the presence of more people in what I feel is the best conversation I’ve found since 2010 opened.

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