Olive Branch

Thanks for your comments and kind words, nude.  You’re getting us intrigued by these here Eclipses.

Mel, we’re hoping we haven’t been too argumentative or smug.  Austin’s just down the road from Fort Hood, and in retrospect, we’d probably be rattled too if all this Violence was happening in our backyard.  The Fort Hood event was also a long-simmering temper tantrum, but the religious dimension made it seem more political.  Would you be willing to say what it is about Mr. Stack’s manifesto you regard as political?  The beaurocracy?  The bailouts?  The bankers?  The illegality of the IRS?

Whether or not Joe’s defiance was political, our discussions are political, simply because, since it’s our blog, the balance of power between us is grossly unequal.  So we’d like to offer you a better opportunity to speak your mind, where our intention is to listen and understand, rather than defend our own positions.

It’s fascinating to us how the Right and the Left are merging at the opposite side of the Circle.  With Obama solidly camped in the Center, Mr. Change ends up defending the status quo!  Much of this apparent irony derives from the corporate media’s simplification of the rhetoric, as if the political spectrum was really one-dimensional.  That may be a major source of the apparent political Chaos these days – it simply no longer works to pretend that there’s only one dimension, as the internet allows people to communicate with more bandwidth than the old rhetoric allowed.  If winner-take-all collapsed in the US, and the US moved toward a more multidimensional form of politics, it would be a huge advance.


One Response to “Olive Branch”

  1. Mel Says:

    Since I spoke of our government’s hypocrisy in condemning Joe’s act, while simultaneously waging their own wars against forces THEY deem dangerous, I offer the newest story coming out of Afghanistan. It’s a story of 27 civilians being “accidentally” killed due to a mistake that the US really regrets.


    Of this “mistake”, General McChrystal says: “I have made it clear to our forces that we are here to protect the Afghan people and inadvertently killing or injuring civilians undermines their trust and confidence in our mission.”

    Here, murder of 27 innocent people merely “undermines trust in the US”. Whereas Joe’s murder of a single individual–also driven by ideology just like our military engagements–points to an intolerable blight on our society, and launches a debate about stopping domestic terrorism. Can you say double standard of the most sickening kind?

    I doubt that the families of the 27 innocent civilians just murdered by the US are sitting around discussing how “their trust in the US has just been damaged”. I’m pretty certain they are focused on mourning the very real death of their loved ones, and the impact the deaths will have on their very real lives. How completely arrogant of General McChrystal to speak of the grief HE and those under his command have “accidentally” caused in terms of how it alters others perception of our war–and by proxy–of him.

    Simply put, if the government is doing the murdering of civilians, then it’s an unfortunate accident. If a US civilian is doing the murdering, it’s either insanity or domestic terrorism. It’s no wonder Joe blew his stack.

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