An Eagle’s View #2


Neptune-Pluto is so big, and so underway (one aspect of the Seventh Harmonic is that it operates invisibly), that we have to look pretty hard to see it.  Not so with the second-biggest energy we’re laboring under, Uranus-Pluto.  Uranus-Pluto energy is front and center, even though it’s hiding (both/and, eh?).  Uranus represents individuality, Pluto compulsion – I gotta be me, it ain’t optional.  In the 1960s, the Pluto-in-Leo generation reached their 20s.  Pluto in Leo is another gotta be me energy.  And it was the mid-1960s – October 1965 – when Uranus-Pluto initiated a new Cycle.

The Symbol for this Uranus-Pluto Cycle is A Ouija board (Virgo 18).  Rudhyar‘s reading calls for greater psychic sensitivity and a deepening of contact with the Unconscious.  Uranus-Pluto is a 140-year Cycle.  This energy is front-and-center now because it’s Uranus-Pluto that characterizes 2012.  In 2012, Uranus reaches a Fourth-Harmonic relationship to Pluto.  We’ve been referring to this as the 1960s become permanent, because the waxing Fourth Harmonic is the point in the Cycle where the energy becomes dominant.

The 1960s were probably scariest for the Pluto-in-Cancer (don’t rock the boat, because the Great Depression proved to us that you need to conform to survive, and embodying the sign Cancer, survival is what we do) parents of the Pluto-in-Leo (gotta be me, survival or not) generation that was reaching it’s “maturity.”  Most of the Pluto-in-Cancer folks have moved on, so who’s left to be scared of 2012?

If you were alive then, what is your ongoing legacy from the 1960s? For us it was disappointment in humanity and in people, and cynicism about Freedom and Lawn Order.  We can see those themes very clearly in the World Mirror today.  What are your own themes?  We gotta love ’em into oblivion.  Whatever taste the 1960s left in your mouth, it’s critical to clear it before 2012, or the World will grind your face in it.

If you were born after the 1960s, it’s your parents’ leftovers that you’ll be dealing with.  Do you know what those are?  Time to start talking to your parents about their memories and their takeaways, if you can.

If you were born during the 1960s, then you embody the energy that will dominate 2012.  It might feel quite chaotic in your own body, maybe characterized by some both/and variation on the Freedom-versus-Conformity theme.  But when 2012 gets here, you are the leaders for the rest of us, because you know the energy nauseously well – you live it every day.  2012 is your Shamanic moment.

Actually, the Fourth-Harmonic Uranus-Pluto event runs from 2012 through 2015.  Barring discontinuities, we’ll have four years to play with the furthur possibilities that the Ouija Board offers.

But it’s not quite that simple.  The Uranus-Pluto initiation occurred opposite a budding Saturn-Chiron initiation.  So we have to add these two energies – defining (Saturn) the psychic realms we’re visiting, and healing (Chiron) our relationship with them.


The initiation of the current Saturn-Chiron Cycle occurred in April 1966, three months before John Cusack was born.  John’s obsession with violence probably comes from his outabounds Mars more than either Uranus-Pluto or Saturn-Chiron.  The Sabian Symbol of the Saturn-Chiron Cycle is On a small island surrounded by the vast expanse of the Sea, people live in close interaction (24 Pisces).  What small island was it that dominated the news when Saturn was stationary earlier this month?

Look how amazed the Media was, that the folks who live there in such close interaction seem so relaxed about it.  And why this month?  Uranus does happen to be sitting on that small-island Symbol at Pisces 24, and sitting at a Twelfth-Harmonic angle to Chiron-Neptune.  We know, TMI.  But the Twelfth Harmonic is the pattern-breaker, it’s about releasing Limiting Beliefs.  Lots of important threads here that provide deep background for the Decade, many of which we’ll unwind soon, but for today we’ll stop here.

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