We been filling in background detail lately, and folks remind us that it’d be a good time to zero in to what’s Most Important, which is…

* * * *

The February 16 initiation of Chiron (the edge between despair and Miracle) by Neptune (our relationship with God).  In other words, after February 16, the energy is ripe for turning Loaves into Fishes, but before February 16, every frustration we encounter is a neon mural illuminating our own personal negative Beliefs that stop us from creating Miracles.

* * * *

Miracles come in all sizes and shapes.  For instance, turning Time into Money is a well-accepted Miracle-channel that’s gone clogged for a lot of folks right now.  There is disruption.  The World will be New after February 16.  That makes it all the more important to focus on the Belief behind the frustration rather than focusing on the plan that’s being frustrated.  Focusing on the frustration itself will work even better, if it’s done constructively (ie, tapping, embracing, breathing, etc.), because you’ll be less biased by objectives from the Old World (ie, your 1945-2009 Reality).

Really, it behooves to assume that we don’t know who we’ll be after Feb 16.  I mean, we do know, but our Old Us and its agenda is likely to be so wrapped up in its struggle to avoid “ego death” that it’s gonna be very quick with its Yesbuts.  Actually, if your attention is finely tuned, each Yesbut is also an open doorway to releasing no-longer-relevant and no-longer-useful Beliefs.  Our Yesbuts usually happen so fast that we don’t have time to cancel, neutralize, upgrade them, but catching them anyway, even after the fact, is an excellent practice that will allow us to catch them sooner.

Cancel, neutralize, upgrade, by the way, is a practice recommended by Bryan deFlores.  He’s waaaay out there, but he also has a good command of what’s really happening.  First we cancel our “unintended” – or unconsciously intended – negative thought.  Then we neutralize the vibrational energy it sent to the Universe, so the Universe doesn’t need to mirror it back to us.  Then we upgrade the part of ourself which emitted the original negative thought.

Yesterday’s US Supreme Court decision affirming that government is Of the Corporations, For the Corporations, By the Corporations is a good example.  Nothing new about this doctrine, it’s over a hundred years old, but yesterday’s publicity stirred up a healthy reaction – 15,000 signatures added to that petition overnight.  Back when we was in high school, the snow was sooo deep – no, wait – the civics text labeled a government that was run by business interests as fascism.  Small wonder that their lackies are yelling about everyone else being “socialist.”

We’ll put on our Economic Geographer hat soon and write about how the wealth of the Empire is being sapped by uprisings in the Colonies, how that’s actually a very good thing, and how the Multinationals are clever enough to fatten themselves in both troughs.  It doesn’t work anymore to be a shareholder, because it’s not the shareholders that are being fattened.  Our biggest challenge is always to discriminate between Real trends on the ground, and our limiting Beliefs.  Resisting the former is futile, but confusing the two is fatal to our Dream.  How do we accomplish this discrimination?  Well, both/and, as usual.

So these Corporations are driving the train, and they may be able to see where the tracks go better than we can.  How do we get on board, so we can enjoy any crumbs that might fall from their table?  The obvious answer would be working for them, but that’s usually too Soul-sapping to consider.  Since we don’t have a good answer for that question, it’s one we have to give to the Universe.  We ask, God, how can we benefit from the Reality of this trend toward Corporatization? and then we absolutely let the issue slide right out of the mind, since the mind can only rehash ideas that have been proven not to work.  There may be niches (think Zappos for instance) where one might be able to feed both Body and Soul.  We only need one.

Then there’s the other side of the coin.  We need to ask, Why do we waste our energy on resistance to the Corporations?  Why do we see them as evil incarnate? A zillion answers spring to mind, most centered around 1938 and Authority issues, but we’re better off to float the question to the Universe, and wait for answers to appear that are loving and gentle and don’t require hard work.  But right now, till Feb 16, astrology advises us that working with our Authority issues (or whatever issues arise for us) will be more powerful than trying to work for or against Corporatization.  Clearing our own Authority issues will make everything we do more productive.

One Response to “Kernel”

  1. nan Says:

    This is so helpful right now! I’m studying, reading, working with the tapping technique – knowing I would be needing it. Good guidance bursting forth from within.

    Thank you for the encouraging wisdom…and yes, the “stuff” is rising to the surface for release – everyday it seems there is a new level of understanding – re-framing – renewing possibilities being made available for consideration, integration, inspiration.

    Thank you Jim. It really is an inside job, isn’t it? Tend to the congress within, the corporation within…go in – everything else has the potential to become a distraction – at least that’s how I’m seeing it these days.

    Thanks again.

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