An Eagle’s View of Time – #1


We been talking about 2010 and 2010-2019, and we’ve got several elements yet to discuss, and we also need to stop and review the major chunks we’ve listed so far, like the Sacred Clowns and the Boundaries, not to mention the Identities and the Beliefs.  But right now, let’s take a minute and go up to a much much higher altitude, if time can be said to have an altitude, and review the landscape from there.  Time certainly has an attitude, so we guess it can have an altitude.

We look at the flavors of time from the perspective of the Cycles between the planets.  We consider the longest Cycle to have the “biggest” impact, because it’s deepest in the Unconscious.  The deeper we go into the Uncon, the more events and personalities are controlled by the Cycle’s agenda, and the less we’re aware of it.  That’s more trivial than it sounds, we just don’t notice.  For instance, imagine no cars and no trains, and having to go everywhere by horse.  Oh, by the way, no electricity and no telephones, not even landlines.

Feels like a quaint old English novel, doesn’t it.  Well, that Reality is only a little more than a century distant.  The current Reality always surrounds us and infuses us so thoroughly that we forget that it’s merely one time landscape out of many.  But as the Veil thins, those other landscapes bleed through more easily, so it behooves us to stretch our identities a bit.  By the Veil, we mean the illusion that we exist as individuals (as opposed to WeBeAllOne), and the illusion that all those alternate Realities are separate from ours, let alone that our Reality is the Onliest.

Just to give you an example of the power of these here Big Cycles, some two-and-a-half millennia back, the three most remote traditional planets – Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – came together in a triple conjunction, initiating new Neptune-Pluto, Uranus-Pluto, and Uranus-Neptune Cycles all at once.  Under that initiation, whodoyaspose was born?  Only Aristotle, Guatama Buddha, Lao Tsu, and Confucius.  A regular Old Boys Club.

We need to remind again that ours is only one perspective; the view that the shortest Cycle is the most powerful is just as valid – or any given intermediate Cycle for that matter.  The shortest Cycles are most likely to fill our Awareness, and that’s important too, for obvious reasons.  How many of us have not correlated anything with the Cycles of the Moon?  Maybe because we live so far from the Sea that we’ve never seen the tides, and we’ve never worked in emergency services?  And if the Moon can pull on the Ocean as much as it does, what is it doing to us little ninety-some-percent Water Beings?  Women know these things, even if men don’t.


The biggest/longest Cycle of all (not counting Mike Brown‘s newbie “minor planets”) is the Neptune-Pluto Cycle.  Neptune-Pluto initiated in 1891, at 9 degrees of Gemini.  That gives the whole 500-year Cycle the theme, A quiver filled with arrows.  There’s a story about Lewis & Clark encountering a band in the Bitterroots who ran around like Keystone Cops trying to put an arrow into a Deer so they could feast their guests.  Even as a sport, bow hunting is a very sophisticated process, with a lot more stealthing and merging than killing.  The Symbol is not about bombs, but arrows.  Aim for the Heart, get to the Heart of the matter would work.

Plus, the arrows are still in the quiver – it’s about potential, not about violence.  Pluto can be transformed, but not avoided, and Neptune is about our relationship to Spirit.  So we might be asking how is our relationship to Spirit being transformed in this five-century span?  If we look at history since 1891, we might suppose that it’s about finding ways to keep the arrows in the quiver, or how to get them back in.  We can easily see the arrows not just as killing machines, but also as industrial technology, including “intellectual property” like banking methods.  Will we use the machines for people, or against people?  Transformation required.

Nine degrees of Gemini implies that we’ve been dissembling our relationship to Spirit, and now we’re putting the finishing touches on the deconstruction.  We aren’t creating a new relationship to Spirit in this half-millennium.  We’re surrendering, to the fact that we have no idea what Spirit is, or how to groove with it.  It’s not about definition or control or moralities, it’s about yielding completely to Mystery.

This is the Big Picture for another 375 years yet, loooong past the Singularity.  Neptune is today just over 51 degrees ahead of Pluto, right on the Seventh Harmonic.  The Seventh Harmonic is about Shamanic Power, which is to say, letting your energy build, so it maxes out at the precise moment when it will have the greatest impact, and then engaging fully in its orgasmic release.  The Shaman cannot expect that his or her identities will survive a trance intact, because healing occurs only when the trance is more powerful than the identities.

Because Pluto has an irregular orbit, Neptune-Pluto was also in the Seventh Harmonic from 1938 to 1941.  Whether to keep the arrows in the quiver was a dominant theme in the English-speaking world during that period.  The current Neptune-Pluto Seventh Harmonic spans late 2000 to early 2012, and arrows have been flying out of the quiver for most of this period so far, as they were from 1938 to 1941.  The earlier period led into an even bigger conflagration.  Shall we visualize a better outcome this time?

One country spends over 40% of the World’s entire weapons budget, which it labels “defense,” while preaching to the rest of the World how wonderful it is.  That country might be a good object for visualizations, though it didn’t seem to do much good in 1938.  But then the World has changed since then, including a complete Chiron-Neptune Cycle.  And we need to cancel, neutralize, upgrade the images that have been smothering commercial television for the last week.  We don’t need that kinda programming; we’ve lived it too many times on our own already.  If you’ve been using it to release your own karma, more Power.

If we want to take away one core idea about this Neptune-Pluto Cycle, it might be directionality.  The Spiritual capacitor is charging, and as it charges we’re learning to release our preconceptions so we can allow Spirit to guide each of us in our own right direction, toward the Heart, away from judgments, with our weapons sheathed.

We’ll look at the other Big Cycles, the context for everything we’re doing and everyone we’re being, in subsequent chapters.

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