And Ascent

Dioptase, Copper Cyclosilicate

It’s both/and, right?  Both Descent and Ascent – that’s the nature of transformation.  We’re eternally grateful to Susun Weed for this both/and insight, by the way.  So let’s talkabit about some of the other upsides.

The Queen of Upside is, of course, the (Jupiter)-Chiron-Neptune initiation, the new beginning of this 65-year cycle, the theme of which is Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl, with equal gratitude to Marc Edmund Jones for the Sabian Symbols.  Chiron-Neptune’s the waaay biggest upside, not to diminish any of the garnishes that we’ll eventually get to.  We’ve gone on about the Grand Cross because it’s important, but the Chiron-Neptune conjunction is actually by far the most profound element in the chart for this Decade.

The Jupiter part?  Jupiter’s the amplifier, yes, but it’s a bit more than that.  It’s also a great benific influence.  Jupiter shadowed Chiron-Neptune for most of 2009, but on the Solstice it moved past for good.  So on the Solstice we lost sight of our optimism.  It’ll be back; come mid-February, it’ll be obvious where the forward direction lies.  But between now and then, our assignment, should we choose to accept it, is to remove as many of our karmic blinders as we possibly can.

This morning we stumbled across a video on Iran made by Rick Steves that’s chock full of identity-expanders.  It reminds us that Belief is Identity’s first cousin.  Belief is what Chiron-Neptune is all about.  Those of you with a strong connection to Spirit already know about “Miracles” – events for which we can’t easily pull a cause-and-effect explanation out of the box.

Any storebought shrink’ll tell ya that this kinda “magical thinking” is childish.  And yes, that’s precisely what we need to do – recover the awe and mystery and insatiable curiosity we experienced as kids.  Contrary to popular custom, Childish is a Skill, not an affliction.  Of course, as adults, we want both/and.

We all have karmic blinders, aka limiting Beliefs.  The Universe is infinite, yet we believe that our piece of it is constrained by all sorts of stated and unstated rules.

* * * *

Think of something you want most.  Then, quickly write down Three Reasons why you don’t have it already.  Go ahead, take just one minute and do this, before you read on.

* * * *

This is all you need.  Each one of those Reasons identifies a limiting Belief, and with Chiron crossing Neptune a month from now, the time to stretch our Beliefs is now – this is the once-in-65-years opportunity, when the window is wide open.  Neptune corresponds to the cultural elements in the Unconscious, our programming, those unstated seven-generation rules that yer Mum learned from her Mum, that may have stopped being useful several Mums back.  Or Dads.

Let’s review again.  In Freud’s worldview, the subconscious is the dungeon where we’ve hidden our worst slimies and our meanest Ogres.  But in Jung’s view, the Unconscious is the daylight basement where we’ve hidden the Treasure.  Of course both views have great relevance.  In many a fairytale we slog our way through the slimies and kill the Ogres to get to the Treasure.  But we can also just see the subcon and the Uncon as two different doors at the bottom of the basement stairs.  We can dip into our Treasure anytime we want, just by daydreaming about what we want more than anything else in the World.

But till we figure out that the Ogres and slimies are actually our greatest skills in disguise and allow them to befriend us, it stays just that, daydreaming.  If you’re discouraged about the future, have a carpenter avatar put a window into the door to your Treasure Room, so your Daydream is always close to your thoughts and emotions.  The glint of bling will keep you motivated.

For some folks, the glow is too distracting already, and you may need to tint the glass or partially pull the shade.  This would be you, if you’re too spaced out to plan how to manifest your Dream, or if you’re too impatient that your Dream is taking soooo long to get created.  Sure, it is about the journey, not the destination, but there’s no reason the journey can’t be fun too.  The journey’s just a series of destinatons.

First thing we need to do is personalize our Three Reasons.  We can divide each Reason into a Willingness part, a Projection part, and a Belief part.  Let’s take an example.

One of our Reasons might be something like I’m not willing to work that hard.  The Willingness part jumps right out of this one.  If we aren’t willing it, then it’s the wrong method for us.  We might be willing to play that hard, or we maybe we’d be willing to work softly.  Like a new pair of pants, ya just gotta try it on, see what fits.  If it feels good, yer getting there.  It might help to shift from what we’re willing to what we enjoy.  Joy has a lot more creative power than Will.

The Projection part is how other folks, or the World, limits us.  It might not pop out like the Willingness part did, but this particular Reason implies that the World only rewards hard work.  So we might rephrase this Reason into something like What if I lived in a World that handsomely rewarded the kind of work I really enjoy doing? Sound far-fetched?  A Miracle like this is possible because “the World” is a mirror for our Beliefs.  Our disbelief is our opportunity.

Once we’ve worked through the Willingness and Projection, we can get down to the Belief part.  That’s always an “I” statement.  In this case it might be something like I must believe that getting what I want has to be a reward for something! Whoa, now we’re getting somewhere.  Lots of us were programmed into reward-and-punishment.  Our culture positively reeks of it.  Original Blessing never held a candle to Original Sin, and it seems like Christ’s attempts to convey Unconditional Forgiveness have been misunderstood more often than understood.

So after we personalize it, I’m not willing to work that hard might come down to an affirmation or prayer something like It’s okay to want what I want, and I want it unconditionally, without having to pay for it!  Please, Sir, may I have some more?

Now if that triggers the Ogre of Guilt (funny, that came out Guild and Guile before it got to Guilt – Freud lives!), that’s the other half of our work, or our play.  Where does he live in our body, this Ogre?  Can we breathe into him there?  Can we love him into submission?  Can we tap him into emotional oblivion?  Scroll down to the January 3 entry (Eclipse 12/31/2009 Ch.3) if you don’t recognize the suggestions.  He’s only masquerading as Guilt – who knows what sort of talent he’ll reveal once you love him into being your ally.  This transformation is not an intellectual process, so don’t even try to think the talent.  You’ll discover it later, but only when you aren’t looking.

Chiron represents the edge between the impossible and the possible, between the intangible and the tangible, between Despair and Miracle.  When we have a belief that what we want is impossible, that’s the worst kind of Despair, because we don’t even know that we’re in Despair.  Chiron is a captured comet that in its fifty-year journey around the Sun travels out to touch the orbit of Uranus, then comes back within the orbit of Saturn.  Saturn represents the limit of who we believe ourself to be.  Uranus represents the limitless but not directionless energy of the individual Soul.  It’s what you want that betrays the direction.

As the cultural Unconscious, Neptune symbolizes our relationship to God, including our beliefs about Grace and Retribution.  Chiron-Neptune makes a good metaphor for the whole Rapture/Apocalypse business, with Chiron delivering the Retribution or the Grace.  Many of us, to one degree or another, were programmed to put more faith in Retribution than in Grace.  Even when Abundance visits us, we believe it’s because we earned it, or because God’s on our side (both of which are just positive Retribution), rather than the direct result of Grace.  Grace operates beyond Cause and Effect.

So why isn’t it all Grace and Glory and Abundance and Fun?  Well, maybe we want more than that.  Or maybe as an individual Soul we wanted to create a lifetime where we were challenged to give up what we want, in order to learn perseverance.  Maybe we want practice turning roadblocks into speedbumps.  Fritz Perls’s gift to the World was the notion that you could take any given Yesbut and turn it into an additional want.

For instance, maybe you want Abundance, but you don’t want more than your share.  Translating the don’t want into a want, we might end up with wanting Abundance and, say, Fairness.  Hmmm, Fairness might be kinda tricky.  Easy to think of more Yesbuts.  F’rinstance, does that mean everybody has to get the same allocation?  How we gonna implement that?  But Fairness may feel good in your body – the yesbuts might just be ours.  This is about the chord between your Individual Soul and your human Youness, which are both unique.  It’s totally personal.

But it does bring up another point – How we gonna implement that is exactly where Miracle enters the picture.  Any time we’re thinking about the mechanism for getting what we want, we’re eliminating the possibility of Miracle, because Miracle occurs beyond any mechanism we can understand.  Worth repeating.

* * * *

Any time we’re thinking about the mechanism for getting what we want, we’re refusing to accept the possibility of Miracle, because Miracle occurs beyond any mechanism we can understand.

* * * *

That’s the whole idea, getting out beyond our Beliefs.  That’s the current opportunity.  If you wanna use the energy to just further your wants within the confines of your current Beliefs, go ahead.  But if you have any dissatisfaction around your current wantlist, the time is now to leap beyond it.  Unless you live another 70 years, you won’t see another opportunity like this one.

Seth, in Jane Roberts’s Nature of Personal Reality, had an alternate approach.  He said that your current Reality is a perfect snapshot of your unsconscious Beliefs.  Anything in your field that you don’t want?  Ask yourself, what limiting Belief does this reflect?  You probably want to use a right-brain technique – ask the question, then change the subject.  Any time you notice that YOU want to answer the question, that’s thought, and thought can only mirror your current limitations.

The Beliefs that are limiting you are unconscious – that means they inhabit some location which you don’t currently define as part of You.  You haven’t stretched your identity set that far yet.  So the real answer has to come from someone or somewhere else.  And it will.  Hard to not think of an elephant, so you probably want to switch to another channel rather than trying not to think about your question.  Busy your body, or turn on a video that triggers your emotions, or lose your thoughts in some engrossing project.

It’s the old lost car-keys trick.  You ask the Universe, where are my car keys? and, if you succeed in changing the subject so your thoughts are elsewhere, you’ll pick up a magazine because the picture on the cover caught your eye, and your keys will be under it.  Same with your unconscious limiting Beliefs.  Just one caveat.  Like Fritz Perls advises, you have to translate the answer back into positive terms.  The answer you hear might indeed be Because yer lazy! but unless you think lazy is a fine attribute, you’ll need to locate the Skill behind the Ogre that’s masked as lazy.

Could be efficiency.  Could be that what you need most right now is rest and self-nurturing.  Could be that you aren’t willing to bust yer bottom on somebody else’s goals, when you were programmed to believe that they were supposed to be your goals.  You could even use the car-keys method on this task.  You ask the Universe What limits my Abundance? and change the subject, then yer housemate walks in, and happens to say, Gosh yer lazy! cuz you aren’t working on something they want you to do.  So then you ask the Universe, Thanks! How does that look when it’s recast as a Skill? Then ya gotta change the subject again of course.

Lotsa detail about how, so let’s go back and review what.  That’s what Chiron-Neptune advises us to do – focus on what rather than how.  That’s the Miracle.

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  1. Candyce Hawk Says:

    Jim, Brilliant and said in a way that I am able to easily grasp and work with. These are some powerful tools you’ve offered. Thanks!

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