Wrong about the Solar Eclipse

Oops.  We was confusing annular with penumbral and thinking an annular Eclipse meant the shadow was crossing just a corner, like the Lunar Eclipse – which was actually partial.  But annular means that the Moon is at the farther end of its oblong orbit, so the Moon appears to be smaller than the Sun, so it doesn’t block out the whole Sun, even though it does cross the center of the Sun.  An alert reader sends us the evidencethanks! Here are links to great summaries of the mechanics of both the Solar and the Lunar Eclipses.  If you haven’t already, please support Wikipedia; it’s amazing!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could summarize astrological interpretations as concisely as we can the mechanics?  Of course, Authorities can agree on mechanics, for a while anyway, while there are as many interpretations as there are astrologers, and then some.  That’s because meaning is in the Heart, and we all respond to different Meanings because as individuals we all have different Values and we all hold different things Sacred, and because as personalities we’re all growing and changing.  Oh my, that’s what these particular eclipses meant, wasn’t it!  Well whaddayaknow, it just goes ’round in circles.


2 Responses to “Wrong about the Solar Eclipse”

  1. The Betty Says:

    Another reference I faithfully use is the book Eclipses by Celeste Teal. It’s available on Amazon.com. She lists the major lunar and solar eclipses through 2012 and has given them names. I often refer to her Reform Eclipse of July 21, 2009 which is now experiencing an approaching opposition from transits. Solar eclipses are more powerful than lunar eclipses, but they both have an active life of 2-years or more. Also, the placement of the Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail in an eclipse reading is important. The Dragon’s Head indicates in flowing energy whereby the Dragon’s Tail is indicative of outflowing energy.

    Please continue to track the lunar eclipse in December 2009 for you will find out some amazing things and be able to track some amazing occurrences. In general, I track the transits to the eclipse aspects at 60, 90, 120, 144, 150 and 180 degrees. Because the bi-quintile was so dramatic for my next round I’m going to add the quintile at 72 degrees.

    Lastly, I’ve found that you can get lost in worrying about the mechanics. The beauty lies in the delineation. Sure, there may be a hiccup now and again but in general I find it refreshing to step outside of the confines of the rules especially when using older methods of interpretation. My motto: keep it simple.

    I really enjoy your posts and I read all of them.

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