12/31 Eclipse Grand Cross Ch.2

So, what about the New Year New Decade Eclipse Grand Cross?  We never want to sell a Grand Cross short, so we’ll go into this at some length.

We know Awareness is involved, because it’s an eclipse.  We know Emotion is involved, because it’s an eclipse of the Moon.  We know that one of the fundamental faux choices presented to us will be to feel like EITHER we need to do it the way Mom would do it, OR we need to do it the way Dad would do it, because the Eclipse Sun was in Capricorn (Dad, or pragmatically) and the Moon in Cancer (Mom, or empathetically).  Of course not all Dads are pragmatic, and not all Moms are empathetic, so you may need to swap out some of the characters in your own play.

We know that the consequences of not being true to our own values will be dire, because Venus (our values) is outabounds (strong) adjacent to the Sun (an integral part of the essence of the situation).  The dire part of the equation comes from Pluto, which sits adjacent to Venus.  Pluto is that force of history, powerful to ride and painful to resist.  Of course that’s an either/or, suggesting that we’ll get a lot of mileage out of learning how to tack.  An easier reading would be that we’ll be compelled to live our truth.

Then there’s Saturn.  Saturn’s doing this Fourth-Harmonic thing with Pluto, which we discussed at length elsewhere.  For now we might label the Saturn-Pluto portion of the Grand Cross as transforming (Pluto) our relationship to Authority (Saturn).  Or more precisely, preparing for descent into Anarchy.  Who said that?  Have we been listening to the news too much?  We are a sometime Cusack fan, but we don’t need to help advertise his movies.  Certainly for the part of us that likes to feel in control, which by the way is healthy, the Decade could feel like Anarchy at times.

We better look into this before we move on.  When were the prior periods that saw Saturn traversing the last quarter of it’s cycle with Pluto?  The last quarter of any cycle is about letting go, emptying out the Vessel (that’d be us) so there’s plenty of room for the next cycle’s energies.  We won’t be coming into the next Saturn-Pluto cycle until 2020 – conveniently, the end of the Decade.  If you’re old enough to remember, or you know your history, look to 1973-1982 and 1940-1947 and 1907-1914.

Hmmm.  Well, at least 1907-1914 is the period leading up to World War I rather than the War itself, so our historical periods don’t span both World Wars.  1973-1982 gives us Nixon’s second term, Ford, Carter, and two years of Reagan, before Paul Volcker knocked down the Vietnam War’s inflation legacy.  This is what Mark Hulbert writes, today:

“To find any precedent for mutual fund investors’ recent behavior, you have to go back to the 1970s, when — in the wake of the punishing 1973-74 bear market — they were so traumatized that it took them years before being willing to put their faith in stocks again.  In fact, equity mutual funds experienced net outflows in every calendar year following that bear market until 1982, some eight years later.  These eight years after the end of the 1973-74 bear market are an ominous parallel for today’s stock market, since the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 1982 was no higher than it was in 1972.  And, in inflation-adjusted terms, it was a lot lower.”

Well, okay, it is time to tack.  If the Planet is descending into Anarchy, how do we make the best of it?  “The News” after all is just more trance formation, we as individuals definitely don’t need to live that way.  Most of us don’t live in Port-au-Prince.  Not to discount their pain, but if their pain is our pain, then we’re looking at an identity issue.  True empathy is not merging, as merging would render us as helpless as those we’d want to help.

We’ll have to write soon about devolution.  In our Western European cultures, devolution don’t get much respect.  In the Hindu worldview, Shiva is one of the three primary operating principles.  Not so in the West, where we might spend a few weeks doing Spring cleaning, but otherwise, the focus is on building, not deconstruction.  In Hinduism, devolution is 33% of the focus, and in astrology 15-33%.  In Western thought, it’s maybe 5%.  In English it’s a struggle to find concepts and metaphors to talk about devolution without judgment.  But hold your Horses, Virgo and Pisces, that’s a long essay.  We’ll save it for later.

For now, let’s focus on how to live well during this possible descent into Anarchy.  It’s not like we haven’t experienced this energy before.

Okay, we know that Pluto was close to the Sun, the Sun opposed the Moon, and Saturn sat halfway between.  A Grand Cross includes four planets – who was the fourth?  It was the asteroid Juno.  Juno is about identity.  So we’ll be frequently revising our sense of who we are in this decade.  That’s good to know.  When we run into apparent difficulty, we can just change who we believe ourself to be.  That’s actually not so hard – we usually just take a while to get it done.  We’ll want to learn to shapeshift more quickly.

There’s another issue to be aware of.  The Vertex sits on Saturn in this chart.  The Vertex is a symbolic point that circumambulates the Zodiac daily, while Saturn takes 28 years to do it, so we’d normally never consider a Vertex configuration in a chart that spans multiple time zones.  But this is a New Year chart, and like the Vertex, the New Year circles the globe in 24 hours.  So the Vertex followed Saturn around the Zodiac and around the globe.

The Vertex is a weak spot in the boundary between us and other dimensions, between us and our past and parallel lives, between us and other people’s past lives, between our identity as individuals and all of the infinity of energies which we exclude from our identity.  We Be All One, y’know.  Yep, if you absorb even a tiny snag of the meaning of this, your identity is already descending into Anarchy.  If parallel lives seem far-fetched, Netflix will rent you a Brian Greene NOVA series on string theory.  Doesn’t matter if it’s controversial – it’s an additional perspective, and the more the better.  Keeps us loose.

The boundaries between the Material World and the Real World were blurred by the “Loss of the Veil,” one of the four major energies in 2000-2009, but it didn’t get much coverage by the mainstream media.  You had to be alert to see it changing.  If you missed it, Donna Eden or Lynn McTaggart or Gary Craig could help you begin to catch up.

So a Grand Cross is about motivation and energy, and this one will keep us busy constantly adjusting our beliefs about who we are, to keep up with our own Values and stay in balance, while the World around us goes into deep reorg.  We also know a sense of humor will serve us well, and whenever we can transform a limitation into a Miracle, maybe by letting go of mechanism, we get alotta extra points.

Helpful Harmonics

If all we got to work with is the Fourth Harmonic, it can get hectic.  So we look for Grace and Skill to smooth the way, in the form of Third and Sixth Harmonic relations to the planets in the Grand Cross.  We haven’t mentioned Third and Sixth Harmonics – we’ll describe them more in another post.  But do we find them in the Eclipse chart?  You bet.  The other three major asteroids make Third and Sixth Harmonic angles to the corners of the Grand Cross, just what we need.

The other three major asteroids symbolize that which we hold Sacred (Vesta), boundaries (Pallas), and sustainability (Ceres).

We can differentiate several deepening levels to our Values.  Juno represents what we merge with, Venus governs what’s important to us, and Vesta symbolizes that which we hold Sacred.  We can identify with things we don’t even like – especially if we’re still working on our self-appreciation.  We won’t feel good when we violate our own Values.  The Sacred is far deeper.  We don’t transgress The Sacred without major damage to the psyche.  Not that many of us weren’t programmed to do it!  But we have to stop now.  Of course The Sacred is different for everyone.

That which we hold Sacred is the stable foundation that we need to stay present with.  Our Values will transform, our identity will shapeshift, our emotions will spin, our Channel will open wide, and our World may descend into Chaos, but by embracing our own personal version of that which we hold Sacred, we hold steady at our core.

Pallas was the Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom.  Pallas asked questions first and shot only when necessary.  She symbolizes boundaries that are porous enough to allow in liberal doses of love and community, and reactive enough to effortlessly shield out the Unwanted.  Discernment is a gift of Grace here.

Ceres is the only asteroid between Mars and Jupiter that’s big enough for gravity to make it round, and hence it’s now defined as a Minor Planet instead of an asteroid. Ceres as in cereal, the “Bread of Life,” sustainability.  Ceres was prominent in the chart of the last Decade, and as 2000-2009 progressed, sustainability became the characteristic that distinguished the future-ready from the talk-radio foxsils waving their arms and shouting as they slowly ossified.

“Defensive” is usually a negative epitaph, but here it’s the order of the day.  It’s our willingness to defend The Sacred that sustains us as the World dissolves around us.  Not Christian soldiers cheerleading; never forget that The Sacred is personal.  Defending another’s right to hold Sacred what you don’t, is part of it, as is defending your own right to hold Sacred what the Moralists don’t, such as an individual’s right to their integrity.  Quietly defending.  No need to invite vitriole.

Third Harmonics are not something we have to work at, they’re gifts.  Sixth Harmonics involve more consciousness, but they’re playful.  So we don’t have to work at our discernment, our boundaries, our access to the Sacred, they happen to us.  The combination of an energizing and motivating Grand Cross, along with Gracefull and creative Third and Sixth Harmonics, is hard to beat.  We might be descending into Chaos, but not without tools.

Bottom line?

The greatest danger lies in losing our operational sense of identity, the identity that our psyche uses to relate to the external World.  In an Adam cartoon once, the househusband was asked at a party, “What do you do?” and his response was “About what?”  Identity is a terribly useful way to relate to the external World.  “Being” a Republicrat or a husband or an engineer or a healer or a manager or a cobbler or a wife or a doctor or a sick person or a parent or a Libertarian or a boss or a ne’erdowell or a sibling or an employee or a janitor or a good person or any other noun saves us a load of effort, because we can pick our opinions and actions and reactions out of a box, and not have to ad lib.

“Being” an individual is harder, because we have to make it up as we go, and because it exposes us to misunderstanding and anger from our fellow community members, who expect us to limit our choices to those that are already in the box.  At any rate, this is a misuse of the word “Being,” because it’s really a DoingBeing is something else entirely, something we don’t even touch until we go inside and look around.

And that’s the distinction that’s useful here – the doing-level identities that we wear so casually and usefully may get torn away this decade.  Identity crisis, panic attack, ego death are some synonyms you may have heard of.  Those are the identities we need to learn to be flexible about.  But the being-level identities that we contact in meditation are the stable foundations that will sustain us.  And yes, this Decade may well be more about sustenance than glitz.

If you personally have no familiarity with being-level identities, it may be worth your while to look for them.  With the automatic nature of the Third and Sixth Harmonics, you may also find that being-level identities come looking for you.  If I were to recommend one source as a universal reference for the Decade, it would be Stephen Levine’s book Who Dies?

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