Focus on #1

Number One priority, that is.  And of course Numero Uno the Self – the old saying that ya gotta love yerself first, in order to love anybody else, is ohso true.  If yer thinking, hmmm, isn’t that narcissistic, then it probably ain’t.  We bring up Focus because Saturn’s stationary, which is to say, strong, even dominating, and Saturn’s about limitation when our victim gets hold of it, and Saturn’s about focus and concentration when we take command of it.  Resisting Saturn (aka frustration, impatience, irritation, abandonment) is just a waste of energy.  Just pick something that motivates you, and dive in head first.

Saturn comes to Full Stop at 8am PST on Wednesday, January 13.  Whenever we give a time, you can click on it to see what time it’ll be in your part of the World; if we don’t list your time zone, lettuce know and we’ll add it.  As I write this, in my neighborhood it’s Tuesday afternoon, and we’ve finally cleared away other obligations for a bit, so writing this must be pretty important (to us).

Once we get this short note done, we’ll write about the Eclipse Grand Cross, and in that note you’ll discover that Saturn’s dancing a Fourth Harmonic with Pluto.  By now you can probably begin to guess what that might mean, but we’ll cover it at length there.  For now, what we need to know is that when Saturn’s doing it’s standingstill thing, Mercury is crossing Pluto.  Of course this lights up our Eclipse Grand Cross bigtime, but for the moment let’s just talk about Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn.

Well, first we need to know that Mercury’s also slowing down for a turnaround, on Friday at 9am PST.  That amps up the whole drama another notch.  Saturn’s going introverted (ie, stationary retrograde in astologuese), bytheway, while Mercury’s coming out of it’s thrice-annual three weeks of respite (ie, stationary direct).  That’ll help loosen up whatever’s stuck, but till Friday, Mercury’s still retrograde – we’re still internal.

Plus, in between, just after 11pm PST on Thursday, there’s another Eclipse!  Busy busy busy.  This one is an eclipse of the Sun, but it’s annular (ie, barely), so there’s little in the way of bling.  I’m not even going to talk about this eclipse, because Kelley Hunter does a fantastic job of it already.  You can sign up for her email newsletters at http://www.heliastar.comA radiant Sprite dances upon the mist of a waterfall, says she, pointing out how Venus is involved.  I’m focusing more on the 12/31 Eclipse because it impacts the horoscope that initiates the Decade, and so colors our experience for ten years.

So let’s focus on this Mercury-Saturn-Pluto business.  Pluto’s that business about history, that which is impossible to avoid, but absolutely about transformation.  Thinking of history as trance formation is not only right on, but so terribly relevant to our current Chiron-Neptune revolution!  Remember, Chiron-Neptune is about choosing whether to believe in limitation or to believe in Miracles, which is to say, if you aren’t choosing Miracles, you’re choosing limitation.

Meanwhile, it’s easy to pin the concept of Awareness on both Mercury and eclipse, so we can build our summary of what’s going on here as something like

Becoming aware of our beliefs in limitation, and opening ourselves to insights about how to transform limitation into Miracle.

That’s pretty exciting!  Palms heavenward, praying ecstatically for release and insight, invoking trance.  Gofor it!

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