Saturn-Pluto and January 2010

We need one more short digression before the Grand Cross.

Our correspondent nude provacateuse says “Transiting Saturn is due to go retrograde in 9-days and in about 6-8 weeks return to its 00 Libra position in opposition to the Aries Point and square to Pluto in the decan of Saturn. Last fall on November 4, this was the exact position the planets were in when the Fort Hood massacre occurred. A cardinal T-Square! When it goes direct it will return to the same position.”

We talked about the cyclic history of Saturn-Pluto at (see item #2).

But we haven’t talked here yet about retrogradation and multiple occurrences of specific astrological events.  These are bigger topics, but we’ll just sketch an outline here.  In we considered a whole 37-year Saturn-Pluto cycle, from conjunction to conjunction.  What we’re discussing here is much more local in time.  When two planets hit a specific angle or Harmonic to one another, they often dance around and hit it several times within a period of several months.

We’ll go into detail later, but the second occurrence of a particular event is usually less intense than the first, and the third occurrence reduced much further than that.  It depends on our response to the first occurrence (which process we’ll also detail later), but in general we’ve found intensity to decline after the first occurrence.

There’s another issue we also need to bring in, and that’s the way that the Moon often acts as a “trigger” to bring an event into manifestation.  We could also go on about the esoteric role of Emotion as the glue that holds the hologram together, and the Moon’s role in that, but we’ll do that later too – wouldn’t wanna get too far out too soon.

For example, the last major motivating Saturn-Pluto event was in 2001.  The first occurrence was in early August, and the second in early November.  Whoever planned 9/11 cleverly waited until the Moon went outabounds in September to perpetrate that unmistakably Saturn-Plutoey deed, to increase its emotional impact.  How did the second occurrence manifest?  It gave us the Patriot Act.  I remember a bumper sticker at the time – “Oh well, I wasn’t using my civil rights anyway.”

For those who don’t know, Saturn and Pluto can be the heavies of the heavenly Plantheon.  The energies they symbolize aren’t negative per se, but it’s very easy for hupersons to misread their own resistance to them as a negative aspect of the energy.  We’ll get into that soon enough, since there are very practical things we can do to respond cooperatively to the energies of these planets (hint – some degree of surrender is necessary), and both planets are heavily involved in the Eclipse Grand Cross.  In a nutshell, if we refuse to acknowledge Guidance, a bully is never far away to handle our projection.

The third occurrence of the earlier event, in May 2002, did involve the “disintegration” of a 747 between Taiwan and Hong Kong, but the official story is that the cause was decompression from a botched earlier repair, and we don’t see a compelling reason to doubt the story.  This occurrence also gave us a few Axis of Evil headlines, and the conviction of a KKK member for a civil-rights-related bombing that occurred forty years earlier.

So you see, the themes persist, but the intensity dims.

As for the January occurrence of this Saturn-Pluto event, it occurs on January 31, but the Moon crosses on January 13, when Saturn is standing still (ie, at its strongest) and still very square to Pluto.  “Square” means one fourth of the way around the Zodiac, or in the Fourth Harmonic, which we’ll be discussing at length when we talk about the Grand Cross.

The third Saturn-Pluto occurrence is in mid-August of 2010.  Interesting that Mercury (Awareness, among other things) is stationary (at its strongest) during this third occurrence, and also on January 13.  The clear message for us is Pay Attention!!

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