Eclipse 12/31/2009, Summary 1

Before we dive into the Grand Cross, let’s summarize where we are so far.  See the earlier posts for details.

And before we do go furthur, we should make clear that we aren’t interested here in prediction, but rather in interpretation – that is, how can the astrological currents help us make sense of what’s happening on the Planet.  Prediction assumes we have no control and thus no responsibility, and we prefer the perspective of Co-Creation.

We’ve been talking about the December 31 Eclipse that preceded the 2010 New Year by a few hours, because it carries one important part of the drama for the coming 2010 Year and 2010-2019 Decade.  We mentioned the other parts in the first post, and we’ll get to them later.

We should say though, that by far the most important part of 2010 and 2010-2019 is the part about how we receive in mid-February a pulse of Sacred Energy that can, should we choose to accept the mission, create a lot of Miracles.  We’ve begun to address that (see, but we need to address it at great length soon.

We’re interpreting this particular Eclipse as a shudder, not a huge Biggie, but enough of a challenge that we’d be ahead to review the relationship between Fear and Power, at  In general we consider an Eclipse to be a vehicle of Awareness.

The Zodiacal location of the Eclipse tells us that the Clowns, or Contrary Shamans, will be playing a big role, and that a major subject will be Abundance (which means having enough to share, not having more than others) and Privilege (which means trying to defend having more than others).  I didn’t mention Washington, yet.

And that the Year and Decade will be stabilizing our new relationship with Material Reality.  We’ll need to talk more about this.  Two reminders for myself – the Sustainability element of the last Decade, and a reorg of how we Nurture.

At the moment of greatest Eclipse, the Moon was overhead near the Rann of Kutch, the place where Pakistan, India, and the Indian Ocean come together, a place that seasonally alternates between a saltmarsh and a clay desert.  This hospitable choice is itself a Contrary comment on the sustainability of the events occurring a few miles up the same meridian, in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas.

The Rann is famous for its population of Flamingos (not Pheasants), Wild Asses, and strange dancing “Ghost Lights.”

We also suggested that folks in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia may be more emotionally volatile than folks in North and South America.  We propose that this could be fortuitous, with 60% of the World’s bombs being made by North America’s USofA.

We haven’t discussed the Eclipse chart’s Grand Cross in detail, but we’ve hinted that it’s about Boundaries and Defensiveness.  In that context we mentioned how useful we expect it to be, to practice both making a fearless and searching inventory of our Defensiveness, and lovingly embracing our Anger.  That’s an apparent paradox that probably begs for its own post, if not several.

Finally, we suggested that before you criticize someone, you oughta walk a mile in their shoes, since that way, when you criticize them, you’ll be a mile away and you’ll have their shoes.


2 Responses to “Eclipse 12/31/2009, Summary 1”

  1. nude provacateuse Says:

    Excellent post. I’ve added you to my blog roll. For eclipses I reference Celeste Teale’s book on Eclipses as well as Nodes and Identifying Planetary Triggers. I guess I like her writing style. Transiting Saturn is due to go retrograde in 9-days and in about 6-8 weeks return to its 00 Libra position in opposition to the Aries Point and square to Pluto in the decan of Saturn. Last fall on November 4, this was the exact position the planets were in when the Fort Hood massacre occurred. A cardinal T-Square! When it goes direct it will return to the same position. Your delineation or interpretation of the Dec 31 Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross as boundaries and defensiveness is quite timely considering the terrorist attempt made on Xmas. I believe as you express that the Lunar Eclipse is indicative of the nation’s current mindset. When you get a chance, please take a look at the Solar Eclipse for January 15, 2010. It seems to give us a break in the horror and also usher in a ‘changing of the guard.’ I look forward to reading your delineation (interpretation) of its meaning to the masses. Keep up the good work! I’m you’re fan!


  2. judith Says:

    Jim, I love the “connecting of the dots” on so many pratical and spiritual levels, and that the “astrobabble” isn’t so detailed that I get lost. I too am a fan!

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