Eclipse 12/31/2009 Ch.3

Another short digression; we’ll get to the Grand Cross soon.

But, offline, a question arises:

“‘Of course, the energy associated with a Solar Eclipse is one of exhilaration, not foreboding, but trust me, when you aren’t prepared for it, it’s remarkably easy to confuse exhilaration with foreboding.  They both take your Breath away.’

“Oh my gosh I cannot stop thinking about these words…  So how do we change?”

I know, excitement was dangerous for my parents too, probably because it included the risk of losing our constant vigilance.

The two most powerful techniques for Real Change that I know of, are the one described at, and the one described at,, and  Campaign Change is something somebody else does; Real Change is something we do.

It’s important to remember that our greatest hassles are just Demon Masks painted onto our Greatest Skills.  So it’s not about removing or solving our hassles, it’s about revisioning them, and of course neutralizing the ancient chain of negative associations that has made us believe they’re Demons.

Lemme say that again: it’s not about removing or solving our hassles, it’s about revisioning them (such as lovingly embracing our Anger as the root of our Power), and of course neutralizing the ancient chain of negative associations that has made us believe they’re Demons (such as making a searching and fearless inventory of the sources of our Defensiveness).  It’s never either/or, it’s always both/and.

Go over that slowly ifya need to, it’s important.  Notice the being loving with Anger is very very different from justifying Judgment.  When you succeed in embracing negative emotions lovingly, you’re no longer in Anger or Fear or Grief, you’re in Love.  Seeking redress from the place of Love (Gosh I get irritated when you do that!  Would you be willing to do it differently?) produces results that are very different from the results produced by seeking redress from the place of Anger (You &!#%$ bastard!).  And very different from the results produced by not seeking redress, which usually end up being some variation of I’m worthless.

Our Demon Masks are in our faces right now because we’re in the last few weeks of a 65-year cycle about the edge between Despair and Miracle (  Which actually makes this a fabulous opportunity!  Normally these Demon Masks hide in the back closet, and it takes more work to dig them out than it does to transform them.  Now they’re right up in our face.

Abundance is having Enough to Share, and that’s as true for Co-Creative Power as it is for money or food or anything else.  Most of the negative associations we’ve collected to make our Skills into Demons are the result of the belief that Power is Scarce, and therefore must be guarded jealously, or hidden, so no one takes it away.  Like Privilege.

It’s not about Ego.  Individuality is an illusion.  We are transformers.  It’s not our Fear that walls us away from our Power.  It’s the Fear.  When we take a teeny tiny little nibble out of the World’s Fear and transform it, we change the World a little at a time.  It’s not about us, and it’s not about getting any kind of recognition or reward for what we’re doing.  It’s just about being the Real Change we wish to see in the World, because the World is a mirror.  It’s just what we do, why we came here, no biggie.  Porters for emotional baggage.  Tip well, eh?

Never do nothing because you can do too little.  It doesn’t happen all at once (well, maybe in 2012, who knows), it happens a teeny tiny little bit at a time.  I was just reading an interview with some scientist person, who was saying that the progress of science always goes from everyone believing “That can’t be, it doesn’t make sense!” through many intermediate stages to “I knew that all along!”  The hundred Monkeys thing – Real Change starts off as a drip, even invisibly (especially if it’s the corporate media that’s reporting it), and then, later than we’d like, accelerates into a Niagara.  In the middle there’s always a drought where we need faith that if we prayed for it, it is on the way, if we’re able to release our preconceptions enough to recognize it.

Make a choice now – which is more important to you, Real Change, Recognition, or Justice?  We may need to make a fearless and searching inventory of the historical reasons why we lack Recognition, eh?  Our need for Recognition is a lot like our need for Support; we aren’t in this alone!  Dealing with “Justice” is a whole nuther book.

One last caveat.  If we continue to do win-win after they have shifted to win-lose, we automatically lose.  Just our paranoid constant vigilance?  Well, constant vigilance is a Skill now, isn’t it.  Wholeness (ie, Healing) is about becoming conscious enough to know which Skill will be most effective in which circumstances.  This whole blurb might sound like a list of cliches, but one of the benefits of astrology is that it can help us choose which cliches are appropriate when.

Namaste to, Susun Weed, Catherine Ponder, Stephen Levine, Mahatma Gandhi, Marshall Rosenburg, Margaret Mead, and Roger Fisher, among others.


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