Eclipse 12/31/2009 Ch.1

Cavansite - Calcium Vanadate Phyllosilicate Hydroxide

The Eclipse, a very (8%) Partial Lunar Eclipse, occurs close enough to the New Year that we have to consider it to be an integral part of the energy interpretation for the 2010-2019 Decade and the 2010 Year.

Should we discount it, since it’s so Partial?  Well, yes, but also, no.  An Eclipse is an Eclipse.  Even in good weather, you’d never notice an 8% Partial Lunar unless you were looking for it – it’s just a bit of shadow on the bottom of the Moon.  Of course, if you just happened to be looking at the Moon at the time, it’d feel pretty ominous.  Something wouldn’t be quite right, but it’d be hard to say what.  So, no, we can’t discount it.

On the West Coast of the US, the Eclipse occurs at 11:13 am on 12/31.  But there’s a unique element to New Year astrology.  Most astrological events occur at a specific time – the hands on the clock will point different ways, but the event happens at the same instant, no matter where you are on the Planet.  A New Year is very different – it occurs when the hands on the clock are pointing in a particular direction, so the New Year will occur at different actual times in different places on the Planet.  As we’ll see when we look at the calendric New Year chart, that’ll have some unusual impacts.

But for now, what we need to think about is that there is a place on the Planet where the Eclipse will occur at the New Year midnight.  Well, almost.  In that region of the Planet the clocks are pretty screwed up, so to be precise we’d have to take into account the differences between Solar Time (in which the Sun is overhead at Noon) and the Clock Time (in which the Sun is supposed to be somewhere near overhead at Noon) that we use in order to make it easier to coordinate with our neighbors.  We won’t go into all that, we’ll just be imprecise instead (it won’t make a big difference).

So, where is this (imprecise) place on the Planet?  About 71 degrees east of Greenwich – somewhere near Peshawar, between Karachi and Kabul.  If you don’t recognize the names, that’s Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Isn’t that just great – a Decade introduced by an Eclipse in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan.  It was a day and a half early, but the ugly news event in Khost was just a few miles away.

But, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions too quickly.

Eclipses got their bad name because if you were a farmer outstanding in your field in the Olde Days, and some Dragon came along and ate the Sun when you didn’t expect it, you’d be freaked big time!    Of course, the energy associated with a Solar Eclipse is one of exhilaration, not foreboding, but trust me, when you aren’t prepared for it, it’s remarkably easy to confuse exhilaration with foreboding.  They both take your Breath away.  Plus, if the local Duke Badass had sent somebody around demanding your firstborn or he’d have his Dragon eat the Sun, it wouldn’t feel good at all.  We been there, done that, eh?

Now this is a Lunar Eclipse, and Partial, so that’s a totally different energy.  Lunar Eclipses lean more toward awesome than exhilarating.  And Lunar Eclipses, if they’re visible, occur at night, when it’s more likely to be cold, and cold can feel a lot like Fear.  It’s winter on the Northern half of the Planet.  And a Partial Lunar’ll feel more like a shudder anyway.  So it is important to tap into whatever foreboding we get from it, and harvest the energy as Power rather than Fear (see “Fear Power,” which at the moment is at

So that’s the context here – a shudder in the Stans.

When something ubiquitous suddenly disappears, it brings what is normally invisible into Awareness.  That’s the basic meaning of an Eclipse, apart from our history of negative connotations.  Coming into Awareness.

We can think of a number of elements that are normally invisible in the Stans, that would much behoove the Planet were they to come into Awareness.  Many of them are about things like Justice, Family Values, Relatives and Absolutes, Law, Abundance.  I’m sure you have your own list.

So, what can its horoscope tell us about this particular Eclipse?

Well, first, it’s at 11 degrees of Capricorn.  Eleven degrees of Capricorn is early in the Taurus decanate of Capricorn, which is to say, a new relationship toward Materiality and the Planet (ie, Capricorn) is beginning to solidify (Taurus).  We’ll talk a lot more about that when we discuss the Grand Cross that the Eclipse makes – particularly about Pluto’s involvement in this, which makes the whole matter seriously historic.

Each degree, like each sign, has an interpretation of its own, called a Sabian Symbol (see Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala, or Marc Edmund Jones’s Sabian Symbols in Astrology).  Eleven degrees of Capricorn’s Symbol is A big buncha Pheasants on a private estate – omigosh, is that ever an exposition on Awareness in the Stans!!  Since the enclosure of the Commons (Wikipedia has a nice summary at, a private estate conjures up visions of Privilege.  Then of course there’s the Abundance implied by a big buncha Pheasants (not Peasants) – even ifya don’t eat critters, it must be Abundance for the Pheasants if there’s a bunch of ’em.

So we come down to what seems to be the critical issue facing the Planet these days, namely, Are we all in this together, or is it Us against Them?  Biggie.  Community and private property, abundance and scarcity, avarice and sacrifice, master and slave, control and liberty – issues that the Wall Street bankers have been helping us work with for a while now.

Next we have to consider that the Moon’s outabounds, which is a fancy term for strong.  By and large, that’ll make folks more emotional.

Then there’s that Grand Cross we mentioned.  A Grand Cross means things are lively – lots of motivation, lots of energy.  Makes it difficult to oversimplify, though we’ll try anyway.  If we were to choose one word to summarize the Eclipse Grand Cross, it’d be Boundaries.  Oh dear, another coincidence – the Eclipse occurs on the boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Or maybe the boundary between the Pashtun worldview and the British worldview?  No, no, not nearly that specific – that’d really be oversimplifying.

But it is intriguing that Afghanistan and the Tribal Areas of Pakistan are among the few places on the Planet that Europeans never succeeded in colonizing.  When we get to the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, which is an even stronger integral part of the New Year and shift of Decades than the Eclipse is, we’ll see that the Chiron-Neptune Sabian Symbol is Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl. So we may not be considering just a pre-industrial bowl, but a pre-colonial bowl.

The Eclipse Grand Cross mirrors a much more complex configuration in the calendric New Year chart, which is about being able to set boundaries that allow us to be true to ourself, or honest with/about ourself, without making it into Us against Them.  Kinda the growing edge of Global Consciousness, doncha think?

We’ll talk more about the Eclipse Grand Cross and the New Year configuration later on.

3 Responses to “Eclipse 12/31/2009 Ch.1”

  1. CAB Says:

    Your word/info always make me aware of so much more happening in the Big Picture, and I appreciate your humor and the way you put it together…glad you have this platform now and the rest of us can (hopefully) hear from you more often.

  2. Anne Grothaus Says:

    Jim,Thanks for setting up the blog and the amazing information that you share. As always, I have to read it a bit at a time. It is like a rich chocolate cake with extra frosting. Small pieces at a time, but every bit as delicious as the last.
    Happy New Year to you guys!

  3. desmene Says:

    “ this particular Eclipse? Well, first, it’s at 11 degrees of Capricorn.” And so we begin…

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